Could someone give me advice on getting my jumps higher? I can jump up curbs, but stairs still give me problems.

this is the ultimate resource: http://www.muniac.com/tips.htm

however, my tips would be:
lower your seat unless already low enough. do a short side hop before your actual hop to whatever you’re trying to get on. use a tire pressure that isn’t so low your tire will fold on a side hop, but low enough so you can bounce yourself up with it. pull up your knees.

also, watch people that are already really good at hopping and look at what they do, and practice a lot. that’s the best way to make your jumps higher, practice.

Yippee. I tried some stairs today and managed to jump five steps. The steps are quite wide so you usually have to do two jumps to get to the next step. This helps on balancing but still it was quite easy in the end. I think I can do a hop about 8" high at the moment. Maybe even higher but I haven’t measured anything.

Nice work Joona. If you haven’t put your Gazzaloddi on yet, then when you do it will be noticeably more bouncy, and you will be able to run it at a lower pressure. Remember to spring off from your legs, rather than yanking too hard on the seat/handle. It’s a bit like jumping while standing on the pedals, then immediately pulling the weight of the unicycle up to follow you (without lifting off the pedals). I was at a similar stage to you not long ago, and I found myself struggling to get up small stair sets. I started with one step at a time (a gutter), and practised sidehops until I could do a few steps. It felt really uncoordinated, and I would often fall off or tire out fast. Eventually when I could do 5-7 steps, my learning accellerated, and I was soon able to do 24+ steps. I wouldn’t bother with prehops on small obstacles, because the more hops you do the more you wear yourself out, unless they are to regain balance or pause for a break. Prehops are good, but don’t overuse them. Practising steps will help you improve on your 8" since it uses different muscles from riding.

I haven’t even got my new unicycle yet. It should come tomorrow or friday. I think I’ll have to use the Hookworm tyre for the first day to learn and then change to the Gazzaloddi. My 20" uni doesn’t have a handle so no worries about pulling too much on it yet. At start my fingers used to slip if I pulled the unicycle too much, but I think I have learnt to pull at the right time and force because my hand doesn’t slip anymore. I live near my university and there are a lot stairs and similar stuff there so I can practice many different obstacles easily. In addition just behind the building I live in is some forest and paths to practice MUni.

a good thing to practice is hopping in place on the uni on flat ground with taking as much time between each hop as possible. This will give you more comtrol with your hopping, which will lead to you being able to jump higher and farther!

I’ve tried that too. Sometimes I can stand still for five seconds, sometimes just half a second. It really does help to be able to stand still. Usually I hop first a little on place to get warmed up. After that I start hopping curbs and now I can go to stairs after that.

The new unicycle came today. I took sabout 5 inches of the seatpost (originally 12" long) and now I’m able to really lower the seat. I tried to make 10"-12" hop and almost made it. The height wasn’t the problem, it was the landing. That Velo saddle is really nice. Rode about 4-6 kilometres and it was really comfortable.

Today I finally did it! I could do 12" hop (to left) and didn’t fall! I did this about 5 times. That Hookworm 24x2.5 rules if riding on pavement. After about half hour of hopping stairs and stuff like that I was so exhausted I just had to ride home. I keep a little break now and go riding (hopping) again later this day.

Ha ha haa! I tried some drops to day. Until now I haven’t done a drop much bigger than 8" (haven’t even tried). I could do a 20" drop quite easily and I landed a couple of 2 feet drops but I couldn’t ride out of them for some reason. I’m going to practice drops until I can do about 4-5 feet. After that I will be happy and stop abusing my unicycle with drops. I just wish those Lasco cranks and Nimbus hub will hold up while I’m practicing the 2 feet drops. I’m not too heavy (about 60 kg, how much is it in lbs?). I just wish I get through winter without braking stuff and after that I’ll buy a Qu-ax or Onza hub.

There are 2.205 lbs / kg. So
60 kg * 2.205 lbs/kg = 176.4 lbs


I get 132.28 lbs, see:

Yes, I thought something like between 120-130 lbs. myself but the names for these different masses vary a lot so I didn’t want to confuse anyone.

Where does that name lb come from?

My old nimbus hub snapped after six months of hops/drops not exceeding one foot in height/depth.

OUCH! Maybe I’ll just have to order the Qu-ax or Onza sooner than I thought.

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>Yes, I thought something like between 120-130 lbs. myself but the names
>for these different masses vary a lot so I didn’t want to confuse
Grey is right. Duaner apparently typed your weight as 80 kgs.

>Where does that name lb come from?
ISTR it comes from Latin ‘libra’, apparently meaning pound.

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Yep, I apparently typoed 80 instead of 60.

60 kg * 2.205 lbs/kg = 132.3 lbs

( 80 kg * 2.205 lbs/kg = 176.4 lbs )