instead of building the spring into the seatpost, would it be possible to use the (sprung) fork of a mountainbike?

for skipping rope u really have to get good at clenching the saddle between your thighs

Re: hopping

Michael Grant wrote:

> Any suggestions on skipping rope on a uni? I’ve been using toe-clips/straps
> but they do tend to be a bit dangerous.
> -mg

Ditch the toe clips - but you already knew that bit. :wink:

Move your feet closer together - stand on the cranks. That way you can
grip the uni with feet and thighs and you put less stress on the pedals.


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forgive jeff…

i will say sorry for jeff lutkus on this one, we both go to RIT, and 20MB is nothing on a OC3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, the Kris Holm workshop videos are great. Well worth the time to download them. I tell myself to snap the tire when hopping up challenging things. I can only hop up 13 inches or so, but I think it’s more of a mental challenge. I tend to “psych” myself out and take to long to try stuff. Mojoe

It’s all a matter of timing your hops and pulling up on the seat.
I constantly pull up on the seat at the same time I"m hopping. Which puts a lot of strain on my arm.
I have to remind myself to jump and then as an afterthough, pull the unicycle up w/ you.
I think someone said it before, it’s like you’re jumping off the unicycle but you decide to bring it w/ you at the last moment. I can hop w/ less effort and a lot higher now. I just have to constantly remind myself to relax…

Re: hopping

I just got hopping on July 3. I moved the car out of the garage,
and worked on it in there. I would mount and grab onto the
garage door opener. Once I got the pedals horizontal and myself
feeling stable, I would stand in the saddle, grab the unicycle with
my free hand and start bouncing while hanging on. Once I
achieved an illusion of control I would let go and try to keep bouncing.

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>I’ trying to learn how to hop. Any sugestions

All these well planed thought out solutions makes me wonder how I ever learned to hop. But what I did worked well too. I just, went riding one night, really really early on, I could bearly ride. And I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could hop off that curb” So I kinda, grabed the seat and started hoping. After a couple of trys I realized I could start hoping “that way” [[pointing to curb]], and eventualy make it over to it and down the drop and sit back down and ride away.

Basicaly what I’m saying is, just go ahead and start doing it!