hopping with 2 hands?

hey, my freinds and I all hop diffrentally, Colin hops with his weaker hand, john with both hands, and me with either two hands or my stronger one. John can jump the highest, but he is also stronger than us.
I was wondering if there was a certian way that all the good riders do it or if it’s personal prefrance?

ive seen a few people jump with both hands… and it just kinda looks a little goofy in my opinion, it seems like you owuld lose alot of balance in the process also, but who knows ive never done it…


I used to do it that way…but you really don’t need two hands, and if you only hold with one hand then you can use the other for balance.

it’s entierly personal prefrance.

I think this would be harder, and less accurate. I can’t imagine doing pre-hop jumps this way. You can get higher with just one hand. Think about it. Just tuck your legs up under you during a hop. Don’t concentrate on lifting both your lower body and the uni by the means of your hands only. That makes everything feel too heavy. That way the other arm could be used for balance, since seat-out isn’t as easily laterally stable–obviously–as seat in.


and another thing…
people who only hop with one hand generally find it harder to sidehop in the direction of the hand holding the seat (i.e. holding the seat with the right hand, it’s harder to hop to the right). so if you’re holding it with both hands, then either direction will be pretty uncomfortable.

My bro does both hands, especially seat out. I be he’ll use just one if he ever gets better at trials, though. I can’t see how using both hands could help any.

thats a pile of crap i hop with my right hand and i hop really well to my right and 1 of my uni mates hops with bothhands and is crap compared to me. have a look at me hopping down some steps http://gallery.unicyclist.com/free4all?page=6 its callled ‘big hop’

Using two hands doesn’t give you worse balance. I don’t know what this having trouble with side hopping thing is all about. But I mostly use one hand when hopping seat out. I think you should hop with what your most comfortable with.

I use my right hand and I hop to the left.

For seat out, you can throw your free hand and jump higher. Throw up upwards as your legs push you up, and when you tuck in the air, throw it hard down, like you’re trying to touch what you’re jumping on to - conservation of momentum.

I can’t even imagine seat out jumping with both hands on the seat. I can’t think of any advantages of this… the uni isn’t heavy enough to warrant lifting it up with two hands. Also, when you tuck, the seat goes off to your side. If you held the seat with both hands you would just hit yourself in the chest with it.

After thinking about all that, I guess I can say it’s my opinion that one-handed SIF jumping is better. You can jump higher - which is the whole point.


It doesn’t take much thought (if you’ve watched enough riders) to figure out that one-handed hopping will give you better performance. You don’t need both hands to support the unicycle, and a free arm can do a lot of other useful stuff. Like hold your soda.

Watch the top riders (or their videos). Two hands or one? Where’s the highest-placing two-handed rider? I don’t know, but probably not in the same video. That should tell you something as well.

This does not mean hopping with both hands is bad. Do what works for you.

not to offend you, but that stairset really isn’t very big so I’m not surprised you could do it with your hand on the same side you were hopping to. but try something you’ve never landed before and don’t even know if you can yet…then we’ll see how well you do.
and I just said what I’ve noticed. you’re the first person I see who hops to the same side as their holding hand. besides, you did have at least one free hand to throw your weight towards the stairs, even if you couldn’t do it as easily as if that hand was facing the way you were hopping. if you were holding the seat with both hands, you definitely couldn’t hop down that stairset. not easily anyway.