hopping while standing on the tire?

I suspect it will eventually come with practice, but are there are any good tips for learning how to hop on the tire? Right now I’m just trying to mount directly on the tire (feet straddling the crown) and bounce/hop in place. I can’t even get the tire to bounce at all, so I end up having to step off pretty quick. With my feet on the pedals or cranks, I can bounce/hop in place easily (SI and SIF). Any suggestions that might help? Thanks.

The most important thing is to make sure your feet are right up against the crown, and that the seat is pulled up straight against your shins.

yes, as in no space that could make the wheel move, fixation. Which I confirm is important (otherwise you simply wont have enough control).

That depends on what you prefer:
get the impact of the big bangs on your spinal cord while having straightened legs, or be flexible and bend them. Either way, pulling the seat gives indeed better control.

Thanks for the input. I’ll make sure my feet are up against the crown. So I should be pulling up on the seat and all of my weight should be on my feet, is that correct?

I thought I was doing all that, but maybe I wasn’t. I’ll pay closer attention next time.