Hopping up stairs on a 36er?

Attempting to hop up almost 70 stairs. A heck of a challenge though, and I couldn’t resist at least trying! Only thing I could compare it with is climbing Fargo…which almost seems “easy” by comparison! It literally felt as if the 36er weighed 100 pounds by the halfway point! :smiley:

Very clean. Well done!

There are techniques which look hard but aren’t so difficult. This is the opposite. Looks easy, but is quite hard, especially on the 36". Good job!

Yeah, so hard to do! Amazing how easy you make it look. So awesome stamina!

That’s because it DOES weigh 100 pounds by the time you get halfway up anything. :smiley:

Well done!

This video was posted yesterday, but I watched it -or one a lot like it- at least a year ago. There was a second version of it- same Unigeezer, same stairway- that was filmed by a drone, with lots of cool aerial shots. Or am I missing something?

Either way, it’s an inspiring video. After a year of hard work, I hopped about 56 stairs the other day without dismounting (though I stopped to idle briefly on each landing), but I was on a 20" wheel!!! Hopping like this on a 36" would probably be a great way to practice. At the moment, though, I don’t even have the nerve to try it on my 29.

Thanks for the nice comments guys. :slight_smile:

It had been a little more than a year since that aerial video of me hopping up the same set, but I wanted to try it again just to see if could still do it. And I thought it would also be better to get a more “intimate” up close perspective. I know that at a certain point, age will have the last word on things like this, so basically I just keep “checking the tank, to see if there’s still enough fuel in it”! :slight_smile:

In the old video, as I recall, you seemed a lot more worn out at the end of your climb than in this new video.

Haha, I was still very worn out, at least as much or more than last time. I was also about 5 seconds slower this time. I edited out the part right after I unfastened my helmet, where I took a much needed break to catch my breath. Here’s a couple of vid captures of part of that:

I would have to say, these two pics make you look more human:D

Also, I I would like to add, you must of had to be a late blooming prodigy, but a prodigy for sure! Because I dont ever see anybody here, 40 and up, ever, or even close to catching up to your skill level! :sunglasses:

There are so many uni-skills I wish I had, like being good at trials and tricks. But my focus has mostly been on MUni from the start, followed by distance and road climbing and the endurance aspects of the sport. I marvel at how many great riders we have out there, with Kris H. being the first to inspire me, and continues to do so. What he has accomplished in and for the sport is just so amazing to me.

And it’s great seeing all the young riders that are pushing the sport to new heights every day. My friend Augie, at just 15, has already ridden a uni century like it was a walk in the park, can already ride rings around me in MUni and other disciplines, and continues to astound me with his progress.

As I’ve said before, I only wish I hadn’t stopped riding when I was a kid, but the uni-revolution was still many decades away at that time, and I had no inkling of what was to come. But I’m still grateful to have had the chance to pick up where I left off all those years ago, and that could explain why there’s so much passion; I’ve been lucky enough the second time around to truly appreciate something before it’s gone. :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff!
And being in California in July, I bet the temperature wasn’t exactly fresh and cool…

Yeah, very humid and hot, with lots of rain mixed in! I would have normally waited till later in the day to do the stairs, but wanted to get there and do it first thing before it got too hot. Now, I’m in search of some stair sets to hop down! But not on my 36er, lol. I found a great 8 set at a park that has grass at the bottom, which will help if I don’t land it well! :smiley:

Great job as always.

For someone who is not too tired…you looked pretty tired. :slight_smile: Nice job; that is simply incredible.

Yeah, I am always eyeing every outdoor stairway for its potential, too! Riding or hopping down the stairs has always seemed a lot more dangerous to me than upward hopping, and I don’t own any safety gear yet, so I have been pretty cautious so far, but I love riding down sets of 3 gentle steps whenever I can find them. Rolling hops or turning forward in the air after a sidehop seem like the best approach to hops that involve an overall loss of altitude.

This thread has inspired me to practice more stair hopping. While I am able to hop up stairs SI, my seat-height, which I don’t play around with much, is pretty high, so I don’t have a lot of clearance for SI hopping. My preference has been SIF hopping with both hands on the seat. I can SIF hop on my 20" and 26" unicycles, but I think a 36" would require too much upper body strength to SIF hop.

Another reason why I prefer SIF over SI hopping: Getting caught on the seat during a bailout is a personal fear. This is related to the height of my seat, as I mentioned above. It is much easier to UPD SIF than SI.

There is a difference in the physics of SIF vs SI hopping. With SIF, I momentarily shift my upper body mass over the next step, then pull the unicycle/lower-body up and under, then repeat the process. With SI, the technique is leaning, with my entire body, in the direction of the hop, then hopping.

So, I need to practice the SI hopping. However, to my way of thinking, SIF hopping, at least for stairs, is superior to SI, because the work is distributed among the arms and legs, rather than mostly the legs, with SI. As I mentioned above, SIF becomes impractical as the wheel size increases.

Time to scope out some longer stair sets, then find out that I’m not in as good shape as I think! Thanks again for the inspiration, MuniAddict and song!

SIF hopping is something I only do rarely, for the sake of well-roundedness, usually when warming up. SI is my default technique, but I do keep my seat quite low- so low that it’s a little uncomfortable for longer rides. I almost never fall when hopping up the stairs, and have never gotten hurt.

I did skin my knee slightly once when I unsuccessfully tried to hop onto a higher obstacle- a beam 12 inches thick. I had hopped onto it many times before, but had noticed that if I had been resting, I was far less likely to land smoothly on top of it than if I hopped up some stairs first to get me in the right frame of mind.

I would not recommend hopping SIF on a 36er, because of the risk of “nutting” yourself if you fall or when dismounting. And unless the rider is very short, there is also no real advantage to hopping up stairs SIF on any uni, since you can simply lower the saddle for more than enough crouching space, seat in. SIF is usually only used for high jumps, where you have to tuck far lower than the saddle, sometimes almost contacting the tire with your butt!


Well maybe UNIdad Popular will get the last laugh here after all. I just went out to hop some stairs and the front of my seatpost broke! These Nimbus seatposts always seemed indestructible to me, so it was a bit of a surprise. If you hop SI, though, the hand that pulls up on the seat is about 8 inches away from the seatpost, much further than if you hop SIF, so it has a lot more leverage.