hopping up my first set of stairs ever

yeah this is my first set of stairs ive tried. ive beenriding a week and a day. http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=-7139292101009541694

awesome for a week and a day! After a week I don’t think I was doing any more than riding down the street. Congratulations

Try to do 1 hop per stair. It looks a lot smoother and better. Oh yeah, and get a better camera :slight_smile:

It’s alright, I was doing this on my first day, and I sure as hell was pleased. Embarrassingly, I even considered writing a day-to-day diary of my achievements in unicycling because I used to think I was a record-breakingly fast learner.

I can understand why you’d be glad, but most teenagers start off at the same pace as me or you. Yeah it’s great that you’ve progressed a little, but try not to post your every day achievements so often.

We all go through an ‘amateur phase’ as Hodges commonly says, where we just can’t help but gloat about our achievements. It’s not a bad thing at all, it’s something we all go through.

Sorry if I sound rather nasty, but I’m not trying to be.

Good to see you’re enjoying riding though :wink:

Sponge mate, you always seem to articulate what I am thinking and you do it ever so well!
Without sounding cocky and like a total killjoy, its ok! I mean, I’m a great believer in treasuring every achievement no matter how big or small but you don’t have to accounce them publically, bare in mind I’ve been on the forums for about 3 years, I’ve seen alot of " I can hop up a curb" threads.

Well done anyway, next week you’ll have a 360 spin down, then I’ll be impressed!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m impressed already. I learn to ride well when I was practise about two week. I think that’s pretty good. :slight_smile:

sorry sponge but get off my back, yeah so wot i did this but i thought some people might be interested to know. you sound like the cocky one not me. also it sounds like you bum over this hodges dude. get off my back, let me enjoy myself. LOL

thanks henkka

Sure told you Sponge!

Hahaha, sorry mate. I personally thought that Sponge did an excellent job explaining how he felt. He wasn’t rude and on top of that stated that he didn’t mean to be. Lets all try to get on eh?

Excellent job matey! Really impressive. Don’t stop riding.

Just curious, what does ‘bum over’ mean? Or do I not want to know…?


‘Bum over’ = Mike does not want to know.

all though take the term literally… :s

sweet congrates on the stair conquering!

makes me feel slow, i did not jump stairs untill about 4 months into riding.
although i did not even consider it untill then either. I thought i was doing something new, then i found this website and now feel i have some practicing to do.

Keep up the practicing hodgieman
(and send me some of that motivation :wink: )

lol thanks, think of it literally mike. i guess it jsut takes practise

Right, so you think I’m trying to be nasty to you and put you down? Hell no, and don’t be such a petulant child about this, please. I wasn’t rude to you, and I was trying to put it as politely as I could, other people seemed to think so as well. Did I ever call you cocky? Nope, not really, and you think I’m cocky? Seriously, regarding this thing, grow up dude, you’re the one being rude here,

and you say I ‘bum over this hodges dude’, nope, he’s a personal friend of mine, and his opinions are voiced through my account, as he does not use these forums. He’s a difficult guy to get hold of, hence why people ask me about him and I have to tell others what’s on his mind (such as if he wanted to come to the Jan 27th NUTS ride). Idolizing and ‘bumming’ people is something that 12 year olds do, I for one am adamant that I don’t ‘bum’ anyone, it’s something I’ve grown out of LONG time ago.

Seriously, I’m going to be completely honest with you here, and am not trying to be rude: Talking to people about your achievements is perfectly fine, I respect that, but not when it’s done every single day for every single small achievement. On most other forums like on BMX or Biketrials forums you’d get slated quite horribly by other people, but unicyclist.com is slightly more happy-clappy. If I were trying to be genuinely nasty and critical of beginners, then I’d start using swear words against you and make blatant insults. But I’m not am I?

You could even say I was doing you a favour, because if you kept on posting every single achievement every day, then some genuinely arrogant guy would properly have a go eventually by saying: “Yeah we’ve seen enough of this crap, you’re not even that good mate, stop showing us your lifestory”.

^I didn’t say that now did I? And I hear those kinds of things being said all the time on the biketrials forums I usually browse. I try to help out less experienced riders as much as I can at times, and try to get advice off more experienced riders at the same time. I don’t look down on less-experienced riders AT ALL, because I’ve been there before, and I am respectful of every beginner’s skill and thoughts. I talk to beginners quite often during rides, and if they need a hand somewhere, I teach them as best I can, and give them motivation to learn it fast, which sometimes succeeds. (There are loads of riders better than I am, and I ask their advice in the same way too)

Just please understand, I’m not being cocky, and I’m not a rider with my head so far up my arse, and I certainly do not look down on worse riders (one of my pet hates infact). I understand perfectly well what you are feeling, but recognize this: I was just trying to give you advice, to benefit you, and NOT to put you down. Jason and Mike agree too.

I’m not your enemy here.


okay im sorry sponge. i was just annoyed. i didnt mean it. i know your not cocky, and ill take anyrthing youve got to say into account

Holy sh*t sponge. How long did it take you to write all of that?

owned but then i guess sponge made you speechless in a way AND now jump off the stairs! heh:p

4 minutes of solid typing. Ease. :roll_eyes:

But I don’t like people getting lippy with me about these things. I don’t let people get away with badmouthing and cheapshot insults. I make them see sense and they apologize in the end, and it has worked wonders in over 50 different cases :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh I feel gash right now, bruised left leg from night riding, almost got 80cm to tyre. And at the same time scrwed up my 24 Butterfly pedals. :o


:slight_smile: HA HA did I say HA HA HA HA :slight_smile: HA HA HA HA HA HA… :slight_smile: serves you right :stuck_out_tongue: bastered:p . ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… :smiley: