Hopping up a 70 stair set on a 36er!

When riding a 36er on flat, smooth surfaces, you’re not really aware of how heavy it is…until you try hopping up a set of SEVENTY stairs with it! :astonished:

I forgot just how crazy steep and LONG this set is, and the last time I tried it with this big wheel, I maxed out at 36 stairs. And THAT was punishing enough! Also some mounts, riding offroad, and making my way though a bed of rocks the size of a large cantaloupes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coker Madness!
(HD) Watch in full screen mode!

Coker Madness (HQ)

Man, my legs are burning just watching that! lol

Oh man, here I was thinking I had to do 40+ steps to better Terry.

Back to the drawing board.

Good job. :slight_smile:

somebody should try to grind that rail

You’re breaking so many rules, I dont know where to start.
You’re not using your Coker for what God intended it.

Mine were on FIRE lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that’s why I only did 59! :smiley:

Thanks. I’d bet you could do more! :slight_smile:

Somebody with a “death wish”! :astonished:

I like breaking the rules haha! :sunglasses:

haha, mine were on FIRE!

kevin mcmullin could hit that rail

I’d pay good money to see that! :stuck_out_tongue: Better yet, I could promote it and sell tickets for $25 a piece, and I’ll only take 60%! :wink: And if he wants to do something really impressive, have him do it on…a coker!!!:smiley:

hahaha the other 40% would go to his medical bills.

He would probably land it though. He’s the man

Hey you sod-buster trick-riding-big-wheelin’-stair-pounding-boulder-cruising-uni-master! Terrific. Weird to see you without your helmet drape. I gotta get a 36er… you are a wonderful advocate for the UniNation.

Yeah he probably would! :smiley:

Haha thanks Sean! Your comments are always so creative and awesome! :slight_smile: