Hopping Tutorial?

Ive been trying for days and I think im just going at this wrong. I can seem to hop and keep my balance. I get up like an inch off the ground, and just fall. Any suggestions, I odnt really have an approach to this, just kinda stop, stand up, and jump. No direction


Hold onto the front of the saddle with one hand, keeping the other arm extended for balance. Stand up on the pedals (with them in the 3 and 6 o’clock positions [horizontal]) and pull up on the front of the seat/handle. Concentrate on little hops at first.

Once you can hop on it “like a pogo stick”, start trying to hop less - by that, I mean staying on the ground for a little bit longer each time (a standstill). Count the length of your standstills in seconds. It may only be 1 or 2 or 3 seconds, but over time it will get longer and you’ll be able to hop from point A to point B without (m)any extraneous hops.

For hopping seat-out, wait until you are comfortable landing your seat-in hops and riding seat-out, and then get back to us :wink:

I was looking for the Kris Holm tutorials, but I’m a little preoccupied with college registration stuff ATM, so I can tell you that they’re somewhere in the gallery. Maybe someone else can link to the videos…heh. They helped me a lot when I was having trouble hopping.

I actually learned by doing rolling hops first. just roll along, and when the pedals are in the right position, just kind of stop, hop, and keep going. It’s practice that can help you get beter at pogoing on it.

this is what i did when i started hopping…

  1. always use the foot you mount with in the back…thats for stability
  2. if your body begins to fall back…hop back abit and so on for the other directions
  3. ur gonna fall a few times so get used to it…its all a matter of time and how much you practice…

so have fun and happy hopping

This is what you want. http://www.unicycle.2ya.com/ Look under: Trials skills. Kris Holm Tutorials. Basic Hopping Techniques.

Hopping has been very frustrating for me also. You just have to keep practicing. The improvements will come. It has taken me as long to learn to hop as it had taken me to learn to ride in the first place.

Good luck.

That’s kinda strange, I hop with my left foot back, but mount with my right foot back. Maybe it’s just me, but hopping with my other foot back just feels weird.

^ yeah, I think it’s really just a matter of personal preference. whichever feels best.

When I skateboard, I ride goofy (right foot in front, pumping with my left foot, which stays in the back). But when I hop on my uni, I ride with my left foot in front.

I dunno…

heres how you learn to hop well at least how i was taught try it 3,000 times the n have it and be happy

This is a good thread for me as I’m having some trouble getting my hopping down too. I think I just need to concentrate more on my balance point and focus on keeping the unicycle under me from hop to hop. I can ride into a cranks horizontal position and manage to stand up on the pedals but usually before I can initiate the hop, I’m starting to fall off to one side or the other. Sometimes I just fall off at this point. Sometimes I can get the hop off but usually either get the wheel too far past where it needs to be to regain balance or not far enough, then I fall. Once in a while I actually hop to a point where I’m right in balance and then I can hop again. My personal record so far is a pitiful 3 hops in a row and ride out of it. I liked Butternuts’ suggestion of do it 3000 times. Sounds like the best approach (practice).:wink:

ok… im a really weird hopper. i can hop both ways naturally. i guess im weird.
i also saket bored really weird also. i ollie with my right foot on the kick. and i cruise with my left foot on the kick… i guess i learned kind of weird… o well

just letting all those weird hoppers out there that your not alone

I also have a short question about hopping, I have a cheap sun 24" , and I already busted my rim up twice and I’m afraid trying to hop on it would mess the rim up again. Should I wait till I get a stronger uni or will it be okay?

If you have already killed 2 rims I would get a stronger one before you start to hop and stuff again. Small hops might be ok but you would be better off getting a trials uni or muni.

Ilearned by just trying over and over, and I started with rolling hops. Also, while we are on the subject of hops, does anyone have any tips for higher hops. I can hop about a foot, but I want to go higher. Are there any secrets, or is everyone going to tell me to practice more?

Well you should practice more…and learn some sif you you can tuck higher. Before I learned sif I was able to hop about 20" seat in.

are there any tutorials to help with Sif. Cause I can do it, but it feels like I’m doing it wrong.

Here you go. I just posted this in another thread today too.
It’s by Ryan Atkins

I tried to get to it from the other thread also. I won’t be back to my t1 connection until the 15th, and I can’t get it to work on dial up. I may have to go to my local library to watch it, which is okay because that place is covered in trials lines. I love when public buildings have trials lines!

HI, I was wondering if there are any advantges hopping with the seat out in front, cause it seems like almost every1 does that?

Matt and I both leanred by doing rolling hops over sticks and stuff.
A good thing i did for stalling/statci hops, is go to a long street, mount, pedal a bit, stop, do one static hop, roll out, keep going, then stop, do 2, then roll out and keep going, then 3, then 4, etc. It helped me a lot…my progress went from doing 4 on a good time, to 10 whenever I wanted to, then 50+…and as for which foot is in front, I think it is just preference. I mount with my right foot, and my right foot is in front

stupid question but oh well.
static hopping is just hopping in place right? like a pogostick?