hopping troubles

I’ve been learning to hop, and I’m getting better, I can hop down a couple of steps sometimes, and i can hop up low platforms, but the trouble is, I can only hop 5-6 inches at the most, is there any special technique to hopping higher, or is it one of those things that “just comes naturally,” like a lot of other unicycle skills. By the way, today I got a KH saddle, Its great :)!! Its alot more comfortable then my other saddle (a viscount), and I love the handle!!

Try putting pressure on the wheel with a quick snapping motion as opposed to just hopping straight up like jumping off the ground. Use the bouncy wheel to help you jump up higher.

Maybe someone else can explain this better?

Also, Hopping with the seat in front will help you get some extra height, this will take some pracice though.


Good information can be found at muniac.com

You can also download the Kris Holm workshop videos from Jeff Lutkus’s site:

There is a KH workshop dedicated to hopping and jumping with the seat out. Both sites are an excellent source of information.

Good luck and happy hopping. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man Lutkus on there is awesome.