hopping tips

ive got a question about the horizontal distance from the object you are hopping on.

i have no problems on smaller objects (2 feet (61cm) and under) but i am unsure of the distance i should hop from to higher objects (62-75cm). i land the hops more often if i am closer to the obstacle but the landing is smoother when i am farther. By close I mean a little more than 1 foot (31 cm) and by far I mean 2 feet (61cm). This is, of course, without a prehop. thanks.

Im pretty new to hopping. i can only hop about 5" on my 24" sun. How can I increase my height?

just keep practicing and very slowly increase height. find a wall or curb that gradually changes in height. after you can land a certain height 5 times in a row, try a hop an inch higher…

I Find doing longjumps increases my high jump hieght. I dont do much trials riding now adays though.


How is hopping on a standard freestyle uni (Semcycle dx 20")? I now know I should have got a trials uni, but oh well. I don’t get the feeling this thing was built to withstand big impacts.

I can only hop about 3" or so, but I’m working on it.

I wouldnt recomend really hopping on a Freestyle. The cranks end up twisting and thiers always a chance of putting kinks in the rim, But if you are going to do jumps on a Freestyle buy a fatish tyre for it.


ok fine. but here is another question about hopping.

I had never tried rolling hops before, which is strange considering how much trials i ride, but yesterday i decided to try it. after about 30 minutes i started to peak at 24" (61cm). i was expecting to be able to get much higher. how can i increase my height? is there anything special about the takeoff, or is it all about pushing the wheel forward? thanks ahead of time.


“Long Jump” is all i can say well not long but try and jump high rather than aslong as you can. Its a great exercise for rolling hops, Ive found if theres a nice wall at the height i can almost do i will just keep on trying that wall until I have it. I started last year trying to jump a 95cm wall but could only get to about 90, so this year I shall conquer the wall.


Hey Muniracer…I’m coming to your area this weekend to visit Sam and anyone else that will be around. We are going to do some trials riding, and MAYBE some Muni. Would you be interested in joining? Because I’d be interested in having you join. I need someone whose good at jumping…to…teach me, I can only do about 17 or so inches right now.

When you do rolling hops do you do it seat in or out?

I’ve only seen rolling hops done seat in. Will you be in DC or Richmond, I would like to join you all.


ill be in DC. hopefully you guys can come up, since it is doubtful that i could come down.

seat in

I will actually most likely be going through both DC and richmond. Which would you suggest going to DC or richmond? I need to work on rolling hops/height as well…any tips?

I am no expert on hopping, I can hop but not especially high or far. Ryan Atkins seems to be a good source of advice, check out this thread on how to jump high. His gallery links to the How-to video which I think is an excellent visual display of good high-jump technique. Hopefully you will be able to see the horizontal distance by watching the video.

With regards to hopping on a freestyle uni. Ive been doing some basic trials on my standard uni for near on a month now. I can hop 13" and Ive landed around a 2 foot drop. I must admit Ive bent my seatpost (during a badly planned bail) but im not sure a trials uni wouldve done any different. My uni has held up very well really. Although i wouldnt recomend using a freestyle uni long term for trials it is certainley possible starting out.

NOTE: Im 60 kg and I land pretty light. Im also blessed with the ability to land straight (preventing wheel bending) quite naturally. My remarks must be taken in that context.


Its not the wheel on worried about on a freestyle its the cranks! Cranks on a freestyle are not meant for any types of jumps lol.


Hey Trev, you can rolling hop 90cm?! I can barely pedalgrab that! Good luck:) .

I must repeat that Im both light and land pretty smooth for a beginner, but I have landed a 3 foot drop on my standard freestyle cranks without any probs. They did come loose once but tightened on again fine. But then maybe Ive been lucky :slight_smile:

I do however routinely (done it at least 50 times now) drop 3-4 stairs on my uni with no damage except a smashed pedal when I clipped the bottom stair. Also worth mentioning is that crank quality can vary a lot in a standard uni as the strength is neither closely monitored in manufacture (they simply ensure it passes a rather low strenth requirement for normal use) nor consistent between brands.