I suck at hopping and its not my uni becouse today was my bday and I got a kh20
So does anyone know any good techniques or exersizes I could do to get higher
P.s my highest hop is like 4inches above* the cranks

Cool to hear you got a KH20 for your birthday, basically just practice. If your high jump is that low, just keep practicing and it should gain. Once you start hitting in the 40 or 50 cm range, then learn SIF.

Are you hopping static or rolling?

static and cool vid ground

It’s gonna take you a lot longer than a day on a trials uni to get good at hopping.

Take a good prehop, bend your legs as far as you can, and practise on it… :smiley:

like my side hop is about 1 foot high but my friends can both hop like
2 1/2 and it sucks but is there any way to hop higher or and workouts for it?
also how do i pre hop becouse mine sucks

p.s. thanks for the help guys/girls