hopping slanted hills

I’ve done quite a bit of muni the last few days, but I have been having problems when trying to hop up a steep hill which I can’t take head on.

When I start trying to make my way up, it seems like the tire is slipping and the tire is bending sideways a bit. Could this be because of a lack of air in the tire? I’m keeping the tire fairly flat at the moment.

Would more air help this… other suggestions?

It sounds like the tire is folding. Adding more air will stiffen up the sidewalls.

Instead of hopping perpindicular to the inclination of the slope, you can turn the wheel 10 to 20 degrees down slope and then hop up. This effectively makes for a stiffer tire and reduces tire foldover. You then hop up the slope with your back slightly turned up to the slope.

My old muni ran a BFR rim with a 3.0 gazz. I ran it at 17 psi. I got fold over a lot. I ran the low pressure because it helped for hopping, but I foldover was prevalent with the narrower rim. So, I started doing as i described above. You can still see where you are going up the hill.

You didn’t say what tire and rim you are running.

Hope that helps.

I don’t see why someone would want to jump up a slope backwards rather than forward. If you jump forward, just rotate your wheel forward a bit to balance out the uneven pedal pressure.

I would think it would be easier to hpo up the hill backwards, because then you only have to bend your knees rather than hips and knees to tuck the wheel up some.

I went out and tossed a little more air in it to give that a try and it hasn’t been as much of a problem … thanks for the replies.