hopping seat out question

ok i can hop seat out on my 20" uni but i cant with my Kh 24 because of the seat adjustment thingy on the seat post is just to big and bulky to fit my hand around. I still am pretty good at hopping on it just holding the normal handle,( i can hop up on things like picknick tables and stuff)but i was wondering if it would be worth it to buy the other seat post that doesn’t have the seat adjustment on it. this way i could fit my hand around the thing to jump with it. Do u think i can jump good enouph with out the new seat post or get the seat post so everything will be easier?

P.S. how many of u guys actually hop seat out?

I hop primarily seat-out (or sif–i.e. seat in front). But I’m a trials rider. I don’t know what could be a more clear justification. You hop seat out when you can’t get onto an object, because it’s too high for seat in (the only exception to this rule being roll-hops). Seat out allows you to tuck the unicycle up underneath you…allowing you extra clearence for bigger ups.

It also depends on your discipline. You more than likely won’t see a street rider bother to take the time and pull the seat out, when street is more concerned with speed and flow. Also it’s personal preference. Some trials riders are seat-in only. And they do just fine. It’s part of their style.

I’m not so sure what you mean by “seat adjustment thingy”…Are you talking about a rail-post-adapter?

You should be more specific…or at least post a picture so we can help you out, and know well enough what you’re referring to.

I’m not really sure what the problem with holding the seat is… maybe you’re not holding it right? I don’t see why it would be different from your trials to your muni… just grab the side of it… I can’t imagine trying to jump holding onto the seatpost or the front handle.

A lot of “us” (trials riders) jump seat out. In fact, just about all of us. You can get sooo much higher that way… I don’t jump seat in or out exclusively; I pick whichever method is more appropriate for what I’m doing.


i cant hold the big seat with all the extra seat adjustment stuff on the bottom of the seat. People with 05 KH’s prolly know what im talkin bout.

But i can hop seat out like pie with my other torker lx because it doesn’t have the extra stuff on the bottom.

I’ve never ridden with a rail adapter… maybe try moving your hand an inch or so forward or backwards and find a comfortable spot.

I have the same problem with the rail adapter on my muni, my hands arent big enough to go all the way around it and they dont feel right all being behind it so i usually put my finger through it but that can be painful when my finger gets stuck:( I just ordered a CF seat from UDC for my trials and a shim so i can use it on my muni too. I really dont like the rail adapter.

yea thats what i mean, i think ill just get the other seat post without all the other adjustment crap on it.:wink: