hopping seat in front

hey, i have tried searching for a thread on this but couldn’t find one. Im looking for a bit of advice on hopping SIF. I can hop fine now with the saddle between my legs, but don’t know how to make the transition to jumping SIF.
Do you cycle allong and start jumping immediatelywith SIF, or start with saddle between legs and then pull it forwards.
Also finding balance difficult SIF, does the seat rest against the side of ur furthest forwards leg?
Cheers for any help!

before you even start hopping sif, get your sif riding 100% consistent…(learn everything, turns, it’d even help to learn to idle and backwards sif)…and you shouldn’t be relying on your seat touching your leg to stay solid…you’re trying to learn to balance the weight on the 2 sides on the uni

then start trying to hop on things…itll come naturally…start small and work your way up…and if you can hop onto the object your currently practicing on 100% perfectly, you need to move on…i try to work on a hop that I can only get 25 to 50% of the time every day

+1 I only started doing SIF like 3days ago and can do 55cm nows :smiley:

Ehh… I cant rider SIF but i can jump SIF
I just get in unicycle and just start hoppin around:D:D:D

Riding SIF doesnt take long to learn. When hopping SIF try and ride around abit and get use to that is well very helpful when rolling out of SIF drops. :smiley:

Is riding SIF harder on a 24? I’ve been trying to do it off and on and I can not tame my seat from wanting to go from side to side. Last year I had a 20 inch uni and remember being able to do it a little without too much effort…

I can ride standing up on the pedals without my butt on the seat no problem, but as soon as I try and get the seat out it just goes crazy and I can’t control it.

Not sure I havent tried SIF on my muni lol I mainly ride my trials

i also have the 24" problem, ive noticed (since im learning how to go backwards without stopping on a wall to get my balance, because i can ride as ling as i can stop touche a wall and switch to backwards) that i can ride backwards on my friends 20" (that i sold him, he almost broke now never rides) where as it takes a lot more to do it on a 24" and ive also tried sif on the 24" and cant do it at all so far so, im starting to wonder too.

I was reading someones thread about sif riding and they mentioned standing very upright and putting downward pressure on the seat, got a quick chance to try that today and it seemed to make quite a difference. I’ll get a chance to really try it tonight after the little ones are in bed.

Upright didn’t help. As soon as I pull that seat out I flop right over on the next pedal stroke. I think I’m going to start by hopping sif, then maybe eventually I can get it rolling forward someday. I’m not too worried about it.

Jacking this thread… I’ve managed to get riding my SIF pretty decent, but I was wondering if it’s normal to get really tired really quickly compared to riding SI. Just curious because I get absolutely exhausted when I try to practice it, and it’s pretty annoying. Am I doing something wrong, or will it get better as I go on?

Comletely normal :wink: you’re using slightly different muscles that you aren’t used to yet. Just ride and you’ll build up the endurance/better form.

Also, it helps to keep your arm very rigid and close to your body.

Wonderful! That’s good news :smiley: Another question - Is seat height particularly important for riding SIF?

your back should be a bit bend…

I think its better if your seat is higher because you can have better posture which makes it easier to balance… :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, but ive been trying to ride with the seat out in back, and does this have the same characteristics?

i prefer my saddle high for sif. actually i prefer it high…period. lol

riding seat in back is similar, but dissimilar. riding sif my uni goes side to side, but not sib. its not very helpful anyway

Does it make a difference which hand you hold the seat with when hopping SIF? I mean, if my right foot is back, should I be holding the seat with my right or left hand? It seems to me that it is easier to hold the seat with the same hand that has the rearmost foot.
I assume I need to be lifting the uni to keep my feet on the pedals. If I lift with the hand nearest the front foot it tends to pull the unicycle sideways.
Is that just me, or is there a “proper” way to do it?

if you hop to the right, hold it with your left.

hop left, hold with right

all regardless of foot positioning, that doesn’t matter.

hold the saddle with the hand that’s on the side you’re not hopping toward