Hopping question

How do you hop no-handed? I’m real good at hopping as long as one hand is holding the seat. I’m the only one that can hop in my unicycle club and they always try to get me to do it without holding the seat. It seems impossible because I can’t grip the seat tight enough with my inner thighs to do a controlled hop. I’ve heard of people jumping rope on unicycles so it is possible, isn’t it?

It is possable, i do it a lot when im just messing around =p

But sometimes the seat height has affect on, cause i have my seat set so when im standing up, the seat is somewhat below the middle of my theighs, and then just practice gripping and jumping =p

i was doing this today.

I went and got a skipping rope but couldnt manage to skip and do it

you just squese the seat inbetween your legs and jump

you don’t have to grip the seat that tightly, the real trick is getting the uni up from the bouncing of the tire, when i do it I usually do a little bounce/prehop thingy to bounce the tire

Ok im bored so I made a movie of me hopping no handed, its hard to see with my crappy camera, but any ways, when you watch you will see that i compress the tire before i hop making it so i don’t have to squeez as hard with my legs, hop it helps:) MOVIE RIGHT HERE