hopping question

okay whenever i try to hop onto something like i have to measure it off with my tire so i end up in the right spot with the pedals exactly right, but i see other people just go and it is always exactly right, like what is up with that? how do they do it any tips?
o, yeah this is my last post as habbywall my new sn will be frozenuniman

Ride up diagonally. When you get close to the correct pedal position, turn in to ride perpendicularly so you’ll be in the right spot. If it comes up too soon, turn away closer to parallel so you’ll have a bit more distance.
Also, using a pre-hop will help a lot. Once you get your pre-hop up to about 12 inches long, you add 12 inches of leeway in how close you have to be. If you’re max hop length is 12 inches, you can start your hop from up to two feet away–12 inches for the pre-hop, and another 12 for the real hop.