Hopping Probs

Hey everyone, I’ve been doing some minor hopping for quite awhile, but my height hasnt improved, does ne1 have any suggestions???

Are you riding on your arches or the balls of your feet? Also, do you really pre-hop? If you’re already hopping over 16 inches, you probably are fine. I reccomend hopping from mostly one’s ankles, and remembering to bring it up under you when you’re in the air. Otherwise, all I can think of is practicing. Hope this helps.

Thoes tips sound fimiliar gerblefranklin :wink:

You may want to look at your tire pressure. If your running a freestyle tyre and have it at 80psi or anything else that feels really hard you may want to lower it for hopping.


Mabey cuz you told me them;) (and made sure they worked). And you’d better be at cal muni weekend.

Oh yeah, and a tip I forgot, think of hopping as snapping the tire to help het more spring out of it.

“snapping” the tire?
Can you explain that more please?


I can’t find it but somewhere on http://lutkus.com is a bunch of unicycling videos including a workshop that Kris Holm does on various trials techniques. If you do find it, go to the one on hopping seat out…he mentions ‘snapping’ the tyre there.


Ah…found it!

Get them all, and search through the other videos. Jeff has some good freestyle ones in there.


I mean snappping the tire as quickly pushing down and then lifting up, except, snapping seems better to fit better. It’s like this, you pop down and then jump, where as most beginning hops are more of a push, without the lift. I got it from the KH workshop. By the way, does anyone know why it won’t play on my computer. It needed a codec or something? It had to download it. All I can play is the sound, without any video.

Same problem here. Sound but no video.

The videos are DivX; if you don’t have the codec for it have a look at www.divx.com .


Thanks, Divx is also soo much better than win media.

I ride on my arches, and i can only hop about 8 inches, 10 at the most

just wondering, when you hop, do you do side hop or rolling hop? Also, do you bounce around a lot, or do you do still stands in between ie. do you go bounce bounce bounce continuously until you are close to what you want to get up and then do a big hop, or do you just bounce, still stand, bounce ,still stand until you are close and then hop up?

I could only get about 10 inches before I watched the Kris Holm videos, they are really good, especially the technique on still standing before you hop. Rolling hops also tend to get you up a little bit higher, but if you miss then the accidents are usually worse.

I mostly side hop. I have been pratising still stands, but im not very good. And i have been trying to compress my tire before i hop, but still i get only 10 inches at the very most. One thing i was think was that i’m a pretty big 14 year old, i weigh about 160, would that effect how high i can hop. When i stand on the ground, i can jump way over 10 inches. Another thing i was thinking about is that i keep my legs staight at all times and only use my ankles, am i suppose to bend my knees when im coming up and bring the uni up, and am i suppose to hop with my knees, and by that i mean, when im about to hop am i suppose to bend im knees then jump up??