Hopping practice today, good news!!!

I decided to work on my hopping today.
I set up a stack of bricks and wood pieces on a curb, to make my obstacles.
I first did rolling hops, and manged about 13". I’ve never measured my rolling so that’s pretty good.
By the way, i’m doing all this on a 24" KH '05 Muni.

I then decide to work on my sidehops. I thought my max before was about 12".
I worked up to 14.5 inches but landed on the stacked wood/bricks. It toppled and i fell, but just onto grass.
I managed to eventually get clean over the stack of 14" seat in.

I then moved on to seat out. I’ve never really tried it over anything but a curb, which seemed hard. I tried on the street, thinking i got maybe 8".
Today i just kept workign at it, and got up to the 14.5 mark, same as seat in, and was ecstatic!
I cleared over the 14.5 and kept adding stuff
I got to 16 and a bit inches (over 40 cm, woohoo!!!) and cleared it! my tire easily made it both times, but my heel clipped it as i came down :frowning:
keep in mind i’m clearing about 8-10 inches sideways plus the height.

anyways, i think i could hop onto a 17" ledge, maybe i’ll try the 18" one soon at the neighbors’ house!!!

just wanted to share my progress, i NEVER thought i’d ever get seat-out higher than seat in w/o months and months of practicing just seat-out, i practiced for a couple hours and got it!

maybe in a couple more months i’ll be hopping 2 feet!!!

Re: Hopping practice today, good news!!!

That is GREAT progress. That’s been me - practicing months and months on seat out. Can only go 10".

Nice work - :slight_smile:

It’s great when it clicks!


Well I’ll get back to you when I get that high :stuck_out_tongue:

I though generally for most really good trials/street riders you can get higher with seat-out cos you can crouch down more and pull the unicycle up when u jump, you know what I mean?

Well done, good discovery hey! Pays to measure things!
When I first went down a stair I measured the drop lol and compared it with another stair to get better.

Keep at it! I practiced for 2 days before I got about 15 inches, then all of a sudden, it clicked, and I could jump 2 feet! Now Occasionally, when I’m in the right state of mind, I can jump 2’ 5", and can do over 3’ 2" with a pedal grab.

why are they called peadle ‘grab’ arnt they more a stall…

The only thing I’ve ridden in the past three months is my Coker… so getting back on my trials last night was quite a switch. I could bearly ride it at first!

Sticking big (by big I mean a personal record) sidehops is a great feeling… last night I was sticking roughly two foot sidehops… I can’t wait to see what a few week’s practice brings.


nice essay colin
u probly could have shortened it to:
i practiced seat out
i never could do it very high
after some hours of work i got to about 17.5 inches
its fun

wow! good job! Its funny, when I learn to hop i was obsested with how high i could hop. So i would gest put a pipe thow the holes in a crate.
(The holes were like that only on all 4 sides) so in like a day I could hop on top of it ( 11 inches), then I gest forgot about hoping hight for a week. Then I learnd to hop up a 15 inch recycling ben in the grass( i was in the grass allso) I could do that like every time, now i cand do that every time but its beenlike 1 mont or 2 sence i worked on hoping so tomarow I am going to do what you did, work on hoping!

PS Any tips on rolling hops? I suck at them both distance and hight witch blows even more sence i ride street.

edit and the picture.

I’m still having trouble of only getting up about 5 inches…I feel as if im working to hard to pull the unicycle up with me…is there any other way to make it easier?

me… the last i checked i can sidehop seat in with excessive prehopping over a pepsi bottle, which is about 8"… i’m not sure. i have to check tomorrow and do some practice in my garage/in town. SIF, i’m not sure…
and i gotta practice my gapping.

Re: Hopping practice today, good news!!!

On Sat, 3 Dec 2005 22:26:06 -0600, unicycle2280 wrote:

>I’m still having trouble of only getting up about 5 inches…I feel as
>if im working to hard to pull the unicycle up with me…is there any
>other way to make it easier?

Don’t just pull up but also bend your legs (tuck). That way, the
unicycle has somewhere to go.

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