Hopping on wheel

hey all,
i wanna go for my level 6 and i can do evrything cept hopping oh the wheel. I mean i can do the hopping on the wheel part okay but i have alot of trouble jumping from the pedals to the wheel and back again. i think i’m just a bit of a wuss, but any tips?
thanks, lauren

There are some tips on unicycling.org

For getting from hopping back to riding I find it easiest to jump off the wheel, rotate the uni 90 deg. and land on the pedals seat in front.


hold the seat by the ends, and rotate it quickly.

it helped me to start learning the transition from standing on the ground. and i learned to hop onto the wheel straight from the ground too.
remember not to pogo stick,
instead do still stand, then hop, then stillstand, then hop etc

despite the fact the 180 unispin is a level 10 skill i put it on a par with the transition in/out of hopping on the wheel.

i never managed 180 unispin on the wheel though, i think i just never practiced it enough.

I actually learn by going straight from pedals to the wheel but later realised it’s much easier to go from the ground. I still can’t go from the wheel to the pedals but I’ve never practiced doing it. I would’ve thought that doing 180 uni-spins on the wheel would be easier than normal ones (once again I’ve never tried it). I find the hopping on the wheel position good for still stands because you can move the uni around a lot.