Hopping on to stuff

Im on a 24" and Im starting to do trials. I can hop fairly high, but I have a big problem hopping on to stuff. I have gotten a bit better and now I sorta lean into the thing im trying to get on and then jump! But, I can never get close to the hight of my static hop. I think it is partly nerves, which can only be fixed with pratace. But, does anyone have any tips for side hopping on to things?

Hopping onto stuff is a lot like public speaking, so have some beer and wear a helmet :slight_smile:

yeah it’s nerves just practice

I havn’t seen you ride yet, although I will tommorrow, but I find that most people have a hard time hopping because most of the time they aren’t hopping they are bouncing around. When you hop onto something you want to get your balance then jump as opposed to bouncing onto something.

Practice jumping sideways or forwards whichever is good for you but for this don’t do any form of bouncing before you hop. Maybe bounce a little but then stop, pause, and jump. This will teach you to jump and not bounce and it is imperitive for any form of jumping onto things.

i agree and disagree with this or thing…you should learn at least one for sure but you will be alot mor well rounded and better off in more situations to learn both forwards and side hopping…each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

as for learning to hop onto obstacles i think its mostly nerves so start on something very small(like 2-3") and work your way up…you’d be suprised how fast your confidence builds.(i started at 3" one day and about an hour later i was doing 8-10"hops:))

yeah, I was riding today and I realized that I bounce around too much. I need to get to the point and JUMP!

i usually do a still stand about 6-12" away from what im about to jump onot and compress the tire and launch…very few correctional hops if any most of the time.

Well, I made it up on to a bench that is almost a foot up today. It was fun. I also can side hop down a 2 set in one hop and up in two! Yay :stuck_out_tongue: !

Tomorow will be fun. It will be me jumping on the easist stuff and being amazed by you guys. :o

I am struggling with the same thing… and it is mostly mental…

i do struggle with landing imperfectly on thin items(rail road rails) and having my tire/cranks etc roll out from underneath me… any hints for how to deal with imperfections on landings? :thinking:

I think about landing with my pedals horizontal (3 and 9 on a clock). A small hop on landing can help you regain balance.

practice and try to land softly.

wumpus: tips for not having it roll out…this takes practice and good leg strength you need to have total control over your wheel. the way i do it is to shift the weight a diferent way…like when i hit the curb i crouch when i would normally roll out. the crouch transfers my weight the same way a roll out would and my tire doesnt move!

Is doing just one prehop “bad” for jumping onto stuff?
Cuz I can do like 14 or 15 inches maybe like that…to be honest, I’ve never tried without the prehop
I also can’t jump very good SIF…I have more control and length seat in…
I’m assuming the answer to this is practice, practice, practice

thanks for the tip on crouching, headed out now to try it out…

yea definitley start small. I’ve been unicycling for about 4 months now and when i started hopping i started hopping up the curb, then i progressed to hopping up stairs. Once I got comftorable with stairs i started hopping up two stairs. I kept progressing and today when I was out I hopped up onto a 22" box.

monkeyman: a “prehop” is not bad…bouncing before you hop is

6-12" away is way to close for anything over axle height. When I rolling hop junk, I am at least 2’ away, if not 3. On sidehops over ~30", I start about 20" away.

Don’t crouch when you rolling hop, that’s unneccessary and bad form. Just keep rolling of you can, or do a corrective hop and then get rolling.

If your wheeel is rotating or cranks spinning upon landing, it means you have not practiced enough and do not have control over the pressure on your pedals. It has nothing to do with leg strength. I have this problem when I hop goofy footed. Things to work on are pedal position (rolling hops, especially gaps, should not be landed with pedals horizontal, and sidehops should be landed with pedals horizontal, although on big ones [i mean big, like 30" and up] pedals should be horizontal) and tuck. Just practice, the problem will go away.

Prehops are not bad, but they make hops less accurate. You should not need a prehop for anything under 20". If you are using it, you are wasting your energy and hurting your form. Hopping a whole bunch isn’t bad, it’s just something to try and avoid. I hop 5-10 times before doing a big hop, and it doesn’t stop me. I don’t use prehops for anything under ~33", and do my best to avoid them even then.

Check my gallery if you want to see some videos of a few basic trials moves. I have a video of a rolling hop up a 4 set and sidehop up a 32" ledge. The angles make the moves pretty easy to dissect frame by frame.