hopping on the wheel

I can get to hopping on the wheel and hop 5-10 times but i cant get back to riding. A couple times i tried to get down and my foot hit the pedal but i just cant stay on. Any advice?

Have a look at this thread:


It includes advice on a number of methods to get out of hop on wheel.

with me its the exact opposite… I just cant seem to hop more than like twice but i can ride in and out of those two whole hops.

http://unicyclist.org/cont/play.cfm?pi=m320240hoponwheel2ww(The video is of Leo Vandewoestijne.)

This is my method of choice: I turn to the right or left and go into wheel walk. If the pedals are in the right position, I can turn around and sit down and put my feet on the pedals. I can’t think of any hints off-hand, since I’ve been doing it for quite a while.

You can also jump down to the pedals, but I’ve never gotten around to learning it.

You can also jump down land on the cranks near the hub. Then do a couple of hops seat in front before you get seated and move your feet to the pedals.