Hopping on Cranks

So I have begun trying to hop up curbs and stairs and the like. I’ve noticed that I have more control and can jump higher while standing on the cranks as opposed to the pedals. Is this worse for the unicycle? Am I more likely to bend the cranks? I was thinking not since the pedals are farther and have more torque which would be more likely to bend the cranks when jumping but any input would be appreciated!

No it’s not bad for your uni.

Longer, properly designed cranks would be made stronger to compensate for the increased stress. The hub on the other hand would get more tortional stress by longer cranks.

So, hopping on the cranks in stead of the pedals would put a bit less stress on the hub since your feet are closer to the centerline. An less stress on the cranks for the same reason.

It wont hurt anything.

Yay :smiley: Thanks so much guys!

You might not want to get used to hopping on the cranks. If you plan to learn unispins you will have a much harder time because you have to move your feet further to allow the wheel to pass by them. Also, if you hop standing on the cranks you can’t roll out of hops, which will make drops harder to land and will put more stress on the wheel during drops. It will be worth it in the long run to hop with your feet on the pedals. Good luck with your hopping!

…unihopper? what’s in a name…