Hopping on a 29 - questions

After our muni sessions, my friend Roland, with a KH24XC and I, with my KH29XC, cruise to the local univ. campus to play on the steps and other concrete shapes.

I’ve been uni’ing longer, but he can out-hop me. Last night the son-of-a-gun stuck a landing on a concrete bench we’ve been looking at and trying without success. I don’t seem to get the height he gets.

Of course there are many reasons he’s out-hopping me. For example, though I’m pretty lean and strong for an old guy, he’s in better shape. He’s also younger, much more daring, and practices hopping more. :angry: :smiley:

But I wondered if there are disadvantages to hopping on the 29. Is there any reason I couldn’t hop the same height on any wheel of equal weight?

Could RA or KH or someone hop their same huge hops with a uni of a given weight, no matter the wheel-size?

If larger wheel is harder, why is it? Or are smaller wheels used for trials and hardcore muni just for the strength-on-landing factors?

Maybe I could blame my lameness on the size of my wheel.:o

You can’t tuck the larger wheel in as much as a smaller wheel, for medium seat in hops it would be alright though. I can hop quite a bit on my 29er, but it’s a suzue hub + cotterless cranks so I’d rather not.

Hopping on a 29" wheel will be harder.

‘RA’ (took me a while, eh?) wouldn’t be able to hop as high because he wouldnt be able to tuck as much, notice he uses seat in front hopping technique. You notice when he jumps his arse is millimetres from the tyre, or, he is sitting on it…

I suppose it is similar for seat in hopping witch I guess is what you are using(?). This is the same reason, the seat will most likely be higher, although it might be the same height, the 29" will weigh more. Thus, will be harder to take off with than the 24".

This isn’t an excuse though, I am sure Ryan and Kris will still be able to hop high with a 29" :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, keep practicing, you’ll get that bench.

Hope to be of help,

The 24" also has a fatter tyre, right? I’d guess that’ll make a difference to the amount of bounce you can get to help you on your way.

I should mention I can only do “seat-in” hopping, as of yet.