Hopping off gapping bars.

I can’t seem to hop off gapping bars (like the ones on Andrew Carter’s site) with any force. My tire just compresses and I feel the rim bottom out against it and I only get enough upward force to barely make it off the bar. I’m riding on 25 psi on a KH20 Trials and I weigh 150 pounds… Anyone else have this problem?


That’s interesting. I run a pressure low enough to just barely avoid bottoming out on gapping bars and it seems to give me a good boost off them. In fact, I think the biggest gap I’ve done between to objects was 1.70m between two 35mm wide gapping bars. Have you tried running your pressure a little higher so it doens’t quite bottom out? 25psi seems high to be bottoming out on them. I’m confused. Sorry.


Yea, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. I just checked, and it is for sure 25 psi. How much do you weigh? Probably can’t me much more than my 150 lbs. (or 70 kg, however you want to look at it), and what pressure do you ride with?

Thanks, Dave

I bottom out and it doesn’t stop me from going far…odd.

I guess you aren’t jumping on the centre of the wheel. You lose height if you jump off the front or back of the wheel. Some times you don’t even notice you’re like that. Maybe someone can elaborate, I’ pressed for time.


Ah, now here’s a thought…when I jump from something narrow like a 25mm wide gapping bar, I have the wheel at about 30 degrees or so to it. So more of the tyre is in contact with the take-off surface and there’s a larger area pushing back on the wheel. I usually land at about 60 degrees, more if it’s a bigger gap.

I weigh about 60-65kg. I don’t know what pressure I run.


Looks like this for me.