hopping lesson

okay so I now have a uni and I want to learn to do more than just roll around so I am trying to learn to hop and stuff like that butt I have 0 successes I keep falling. So here I and looking for your tip

don’t know if it matters but this is what I can do:
I can free mount and uni for as long as I want, go up/down hills, turn
and hop a bit like 6x then fall :angry: I hop over 1.5" piece of wood (goal is 6")


Looks like we have the same problem.

That’s me: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=867Qv7_N5a0

But I doubt that it will help you.

I am looking forward to order a Muni some time soon, that should make it easier to learn hopping

ya im worse I can’t hop that much
but in my defence It’s only ben 4 day that I have a uni:)

Well I’m no expert at giving advice but i would suggest practicing hopping up and down a curb or up and down individual steps, just so you can develop some stability. And be sure to practice on your good hopping side and your bad hopping side.

the best advice your going to get is…PRACTICE!! i know thtas its not going to seem like you’re getting any better but eventually it will just work. find a curb, or even just a piece of wood. and practice riding up to it and prehopping a little, keep your weight centered over the uni and then lean a little towards the object and just give one big hop. it’s doubtful that you’ll land it the first time, but once you get comfortable ith the hopping motions you’ll start catching your balance when you land and soon it will just work out.

but practice does make perfect