hopping higher

We have been dong trials unicycling for about a month now and can hop anout 30-35cm. have you got any tips for hopping higher?

hop seat out

we tried it and we still get near enough the same height.

when you hop seat out make shore to have your legs strate than when you jump bend your knes to as much as you can and pull up on the seat

What about rolling hop?

matt is good at them. i suck. i can just about make 20cm… if i am lucky! :astonished:


Practice seat out MORE. You won’t see any results for a week or two, but eventually a dramatic difference will develope. That or do a whole bunch of rolling hops or get stronger if ou insist on seat in static.

Gerble’s right… I practiced seat out for the past week and an amazingly visible difference developed… I can finally land seat out hops! :sunglasses:

Practice, search through the forums for “hopping” or click here and scroll down to “hopping”

Re: hopping higher

I just have a question about the word we in your guys’ posts. Are you guys married or just going out or is there just one of you and your a bit of skitso???

oh and to help with your higher hops here is a tutorial about hopping higher watch and learn. oh its not me in the video I am not nearly that good

the video!!

dude, we are not even 15 yet :astonished: . we’re not married! and not going out either. We are mates :roll_eyes: .

Originally posted by amanda_and_matt
dude, we are not even 15 yet :astonished: . we’re not married! and not going out either. We are mates :roll_eyes: . [/QUOT

mates as in brother and sister or are you guys trying to confuse me

amanda lives down the road from me.


I’ve been trying to get higher hops lately.

I think that the way to learn how to hop higher is to start with a great foundation technique: still standing. Since you guys mentioned trials, this technique will enable you to save energy from not having to do a billion correction hops before getting on to something–and your lines with look more smooth and clean. You’ll be able to concentrate on the more accurate and technical aspects of the sport.

Then I’d say that I’ve been trying a little Zen-like mantra with my mind for the past couple of weeks. I tell myself to make my feet weightless. That instead of me trying to pull not only the uni up, but also the lower half of my body, when jumping (seat-out hops), that my legs help with the process, and flick up on their own. As you get stronger, this’ll help with bigger ups where pre-hopping might be required (some can hop high without pre-hops), but you’ll have to tuck the uni up under you to get extra height.

Also I kind of zone out in another way. When I’m trying for a hop that’s higher than all of my previous hops onto a ledge (or what have you), I try to make the hop clean without thinking about doing it. It’s hard to explain. All I know is that if I begin to realize, “this is an inch higher than I’ve ever done,” for example, I’ll starting dwelling on that fact, and soon the inch, mentally, becomes a mile. I’ll also think about falling off and injuring myself, or something fatalistic and dramatic going wrong with the hop. It’s good to know your limits, and stay safe…but there’s a point where you have to control your own fear. Store all of the uncertainty in the subconscious, unless you really think what you’re trying is something far beyond your own limits, where you can’t push yourself to go through with it.

Hope this helps,

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