Hopping higher?

How would a person do this? I run about 25psi in my tire (19") and i cant really jump higher than 8". I just started about 3 months ago, so maybe it just comes with time? Either way, tips would be greatly appreciated =)

Make sure you push down hard on the tire, then when you come up it will give you a little extra “umph!”
I’m sure there are technical terms for this in the physics department, but shit, i’m just a unicyclist.

Another way if you’re comfortable, side hop once before then again on the launch up. Sort of the same effect. I don’t know how much psi is in my tire, but it’s pretty damn flat. They’re hard to pop even at their flattest.

Yeah, thats what ive been doing… i guess its just a muscle thing? Or maybe just time

I feel like your psi might still be quite high. I can’t remember what mine is at.
I’ll check it for you tomorrow, if you wanna check back.

Also - Another tip would be the tuck.

I still haven’t gotten this down, but basically, do your normal hop, then pull your leg up with the uni…I know it seems obvious, but sometimes ya gotta think about it, then try it.

So basically…

  1. Press down as hard as you can
  2. Jump up
  3. Tuck legs and uni up as high as you can
  4. (landing) sink in with the uni as to not fly off with the bounce back.

Some people do a pre-hop before they jump but I don’t do that because it messes me up. Set up some pallets the the height you want to jump and then tell your self you’re going to land on one spot and then go for it. Once I start going for higher stuff, I’ll start with pre-hops and tucking. Keep your tire pressure where it’s bouncy but not making the sidewalls useless. I keep my tire cap off now because it feels better but I all depends.

learn how to jump static before adding a prehop. when you start out with a prehop first, you’re not learning to actually jump, you’re learning to bounce yourself up there. you need to learn to tuck. and static sif is the best way to start.

so if you don’t already have it down, get sif riding down just as good as regular riding…

learn sharp turns, idling and riding backwards…also ride on weird uneven stuff sif. then start working on hopping up something small and working your way up.

You are making it too easy for yourself. You will never learn this way. If you make it as hard as possible, then you will do better when you are in a more controlled environment.

Try to learn on a heavy 24" uni with a skinny tire with a high psi.

This is what I did, and now I can jump 18" vertically on a 1965 24" Schwinn without a prehop.

Also, to jump higher, push yourself. Set up objects and try to jump over them. After each successful jump, try a higher object. Start out with something like a soda can, and work your way up to things like milk cartons and midgets.

When you get back on a lightweight trials uni with a fat tire, you will be able to do just about anything.

I think you skipped primordial dwarfs btw

THanks for the advice

is your tire a trials tire (2.5- 3) or just a regular freestyle tire (1.95+) ??

25 psi is pretty low of a trials tire, and i hope thats what you have because high hops can wreck a freestyle uni.

Loll yeah, i wreck a freestyle 24’’ after dropping 5 feets XD, then i bought a trials one haha, so i agree XD

if you need a confidence booster, film yourself jumping onto something with a known height. then review the video and see how much you cleared it by. if it’s a few inches, then you know you can jump a few inches higher.

To jump, you need to create downwards force (explosive muscle groups). At your level (sub 20") all you need to do for now is to get used to applying the same amount of force on each pedal, parallel to the ground. Doing this SIF is harder, so stick to seat in. (you will find that you lean a bit more on your back pedal later on). Tuck and vert will come later.

Practice: jumping up stairs consecutively without any prehops or posthops. It’s not your unicycle/ tire / psi holding you back but your lack of technique.

you will find that you lean a bit more on your back pedal later on. Tuck and vert will come later.


Could you possibly explain this? I know what tucking is, and i can almost do it, but what is vert?

Also, why do you need to lean more on the back pedal?


Could you possibly expalin this? I know what tucking is, and i can almost pull it off, but what is vert?

Also, why would you need to lean more on the back pedal?


vert is vertical.So he means vertical jump (height).Heres an example of why the uni doesnt mean much and its way more about technique and being comfortable on the unicycle.


I think you should start with about 18 psi and as you get higher put more air in.So that you can get the feel for the bounce.25 is too hard to get that feeling if you can only hop 8".