hopping high

Can anyone offer any tips on how to jump high? I watch videos on youtube where people hop several feet in the air, but I’m lucky to clear 6 inches(15.2cm).

When I hop, I know to go down on the tire a little to get a boost and to keep the cranks horizontal, but other than that, I am not aware of any techniques for hopping.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Would how high you can hop without a unicycle have any effect on how high you can jump with one?



This might help you, just practice, it’s the solution to everything:p

you know how to jump on foot?

then you know how to jump on a unicycle SI.

SI (seat in) hopping.
keep the pedals horizontal, and just jump while holding the handle on the seat, pull up on the handle while your pushing off of the ground (so your feet dont come off the pedals)

SIF (seat in front) static hop.
Pull the seat in front of you, and put your hand underneath somewhere (thumb on the top, fingers under the seat), crouch slightly, push off with lots of strength, and pull the seat up (and also out of the way, dont wanna hit yourself in the chin)

Both are kinda like your standing on flat ground and jumping up and then pulling your legs in (with SI, you can only go until it presses up against your crotch area and stops moving, which is why SIF has the advantage of getting the seat higher).

Dont be upset if it takes a while to learn how to hop higher, most/all trials riders took a while to learn how to raise their hopping heights a lot. Just go outside, and practice practice practice! Trials unicycling takes a while to get up to the big leagues, but just be satisfied where your at, and just keep pushing yourself and breaking your own records.

Hope it helps, have fun man!

First off, how old are you, and how long have you been riding?

There’s a lot of good advice above. Those are great places to start.

For SIF, it helps to learn how to ride SIF.

In the SIF position I do squats and also squat riding before I get started with a ride.

When I squat/ride SIF squatting I try to keep my arm holding the seat relaxed as I push it farther and farther away from my body.

Do whatever it takes to get confident and comfortable with having the seat in front of you. Once you’ve got that down it becomes easier to hop SIF as you can put far more concentration on calculating and executing hops.

Choose a good psi that gives you a desired and controlled rebound. This will come in handy when/if you use pre-hops to get that extra boost upward.

Timing is a big part of executing a hop. I would say it goes hand in hand with judging the forces needed to execute a hop. Quickness in pulling up helps you go higher as well.

Most of trials is a mind game. Your body can usually do what your mind thinks it cannot.

Thanks a lot everyone. This really helps a lot!
To TrialsUni, I am 16 and have been riding for 3 or 4 months, but only seriously hopping for a few weeks because my old uni didn’t have a seat with a proper handle.