hopping help

Which should I learn first? Rolling hop, or stationary hop?
How do I increase the height of either of those?
Any help is appreciated

Here is a useful link --> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/The_Unicyclopedia:Trials

Also run a search on the forums, because I’m sure there is a lot of other threads on this matter.

But I think you should start with stationary hops.

they are both quite important but i would go with stationary first. it way easier i think.

start with stationary, cause once you can do stationary it just transfers over,
the way i recommend learning is to put your bad peddle, the one you dont normally freemount with in the back and against a stair about the height of your cranks, then step on the uni, and just grab the handle, take your weight off of the seat and like almost jump off the uni but pull up with the handle to keep the peddles horizontal and under you.
if that doesn’t work then just search the forums

I agree that the static hop is easier than the rolling hop, however, you may stand to gain by learning the rolling hop first. I’ve noticed some riders have a tendency to try and pre-hop their rolling hops, which results in a failed or shortened rolling hop. If you don’t learn static first, you won’t have any inclination other than to pedal into the rolling hop (as you should, for maximum distance / height) … it may take you longer to master but it would be worth the extra effort.

I learned static hopping and gapping first, and did it quite extensively before working on my rolling hop. Had I the opportunity to start over, I’d work on both types of hop at the same time. While the static hop can get you many places, the rolling hop will get you many more, and it looks cooler at the same time.

on the other hand you could wind up like me, my rolling hops are great, but I have hardly learned static hops at all. I learned rolling hops first.

make sure that when you stand up to lock your knees for learning the static hop its much easier.

I would DEFINITLY learn the rolling hop first! I learnt to static hop first and i cannot get the rolling hop now! Everytime i go to do a rolling hop i do a tiny hop first and it completly buggars me up! Its just force of habbit because im so used to static hopping.

Re: hopping help

On Mon, 30 Jan 2006 15:25:38 -0600, habbywall wrote:

>the way i recommend learning is to put your bad peddle, the one you
>dont normally freemount with in the back

I advise against that. I would have the pedals the same as in your
usual freemount. That way, you can mount directly into hopping which
can be quite useful.

you should hop with whichever foot you feel more comfortable with in front, for most people the least strong foot goes in front.

That’s the way I learned my static hop. I would do a typical freemount and then just stand up on the pedals, find my center, and start doing little hops. Be sure you keep your weight evenly on both pedals, otherwise the unicycle will roll and you’ll probably fall off.

I’m working on my rolling hops now and don’t seem to be having the problem of trying to throw in a little pre-hop first.

well, I can rolling hop about 3 or 4 inches high now, and time it so i go over small stuff, and land it…and it seems that that is actually helping with stalling too…don’t know how, but I’m not complaining.
Maestro, what did you mean by pre-hop? I don’t think I’m doing that…
Thanks again for the help

Rather than rolling straight into a rolling hop, some people (like Eddbmxdude and others whose names I won’t mention :wink: ) turn it into a static hop by doing a very small rolling hop (a few inches) followed by a forward hop. This kills forward momentum, so you won’t get nearly the distance or height you could if you carried all your rolling speed into the hop.

I guess if you do lots of static forward hops then try to learn a rolling hop, your body wants to do what it knows and you try and turn the forward hop into a rolling hop… but they’re two completely different skills. Static (including forward) hops are done by springing off both feet while the pedals are relatively still. Rolling hops are done by springing off the back foot while the pedals are in motion.

Beside that, if I look at some footage of me doing a rolling hop, I distinctly see me pressing the tire down before I actually hit the horizontal position. If you were doing a semi-rolling hop, you’d only be pressing your tire down in horizontal position. Giving you, I think, less compression.

I would try stationary first. I find it helps to have a target in mind. I usually roll up to a curb, come to a stop, and then try hoppin up and riding again. Also, practice hoppin to the left and right so you’ll get good at both.

Good luck.

alright, thanks maestro…I’ve just been practicing both, with newspapers for rolling hops…i can almost get over them on a good jump, and I can get like 3 or 4 hops, and ride out of it for stationary…I don’t think theyre very high though…maybe 3 inches