hopping help?

okay so i can hop but i can’t get going again after i land could you please help me?
thanks to anyone who responds

Land with most of your weight on the forward pedal. You’ll find that you automatically get going again just by landing. Also, this is better for your unicycle, as it trasfers the landing energy into forward momentum, so you are less likely to bend a crank.

try riding along, and going into a stillstand so you’re about to hop, but don’t hop. then just try riding away from that. and once you can, then put a hop in there.

re:hopping help?

maybe twist and back up

I second the first two, but I don’t understand the last one.


lock your legs to hop…might not help but it helped me when i was learning.

how do i hop higher?

I have been working on hopping quite a bit so that I can hop up those one foot thingys (you have no clue what I’m talking about). I was only hopping about 6 inches, but then I watched the Kris Holm tutorial on unicycle.2ya.com. I followed his instructions, and I lined myself up for a
hop, a little bit slanted towards the surface I’m hopping onto and started bouncing, like on a pogo stick for about 3 seconds. Then I do a 2 second still stand, bend my knees, lean foward, and then, with all my bodily strength, pull up, not just with my arms but I jerk my chest up, pop my legs, I don’t leave all my weight on them because then I can’t get as high, and chances are nobody will be able to. But I pull my chest up, grab the handle and snap, I can get about 13 inches, which isn’t very much but I was pretty proud.