hopping help plz

does anyone have any tips or hints for learning how to hop. Im riding a 24 inch if that makes any difference. whenever i try m uni like goes away

just keep practicing you’ll get er

just make sure that you pedals are even across dont have one up and one down and keep even pressure on both

before you start hopping you need to be able to come to a complete stop. can you ride then stop and stay on the uni for more than a second? that’s a good start. if you try and hop when you’re still riding, it’s a bit more difficult than hopping in place.

how are your feet contacting the pedals? for hopping, you should have the ball of your foot (between your toes and your arch) over the center of the pedal. once you can stop in place, stand up and hold onto the handle firmly. your pedals should be at 3 and 9 o’clock (i.e. your cranks should be parallel to the ground). lock your knees (they shouldn’t be bent at all) and bounce with your feet… as if you were standing on the ground and hopping with locked knees.

keep a firm grip on the handle… pull up on the handle while hopping to keep your feet on the pedals. keep the unicycle underneath you. if you fall to one side or another just hop in the direction you’re falling and you should be able to stay on the unicycle. do you keep falling in one direction? does the unicycle shoot out in one direction every time?

let us know more details about your hopping practice and maybe we can give you more help. it’s most important just to keep trying, to keep practicing, 'cause eventually you’ll get the hang of it. the more you practice the quicker you’ll learn the skill!

good luck. let us know how you do.

I’m going to disagree with you here. I usually ride my uni with the arches of my foot, this is mainly due to the fact that I can’t shift my foot easily halfway during a trials line, and when I do a drop and have my balls of my feet on the pedals I will either UPD, or sprain an ankle. I can also see a lot of other riders do the same. Ryan Atkins seems to have his feet slightly more backward then some other riders, but I doubt this the source of his amazing hop height :slight_smile: Ofcourse, it’s probably once again a case of personal preference.

thanks all for the info im gonna go try some of this out today.