Hopping Help Needed Please

hiya, im new to this this site and forum, but i like it very much, anyways my problem is pulling my seat out in front of me and jump around like that, i can pogo around forever if i had enough time, and what i got from reading around is i should start slowing down, like hop then pause for a little, hop again, and continue that, but if you guys have anymore hints or little tips you can give me i would greatly apreciate it

well first you

well that didnt help lol, anyways tomorrow im gonna practice it tfor a while and see if i improve from using what ive read on here, wish me luck you guys!!

if im back by the time u go come and get me ok…?

wait what about your crank???

yeah, almost forgot about my crank being busted lol, but we can just switch off i guess =p, hopping around on a giraffe sounds fun =p anyways im gonna go to bed, so annybody please leave any tips or advice that helps you, cause most likely it will help me too

I have a problem going from sitting on the seat to SIF. Because the seat gets wider at the rear, it will not fit as I pull it forward. I think my seat is too high…