Hopping good, Technical !

What is some good technical advice that would contribute to a “good” hop? Tech stuff like hand position/grip(sometimes people hold the side of the seat), seat height, seat out in front or center, forwards hop or sideways “crab” hop… whats all good? I know that somethings may be based on personal preference.
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for forwards rolling hop it always helps to run the tire at a pressure that will squish enough as to make a non-jolted landing

if you look @ a video of someone doing a longer jump, they start off leaning forwards, jumping then landing crouched a little bit with the tire at about a 20* angle from the straight takeoff path.

i think that any type of hopping you are going to do comes w/ experience.
learn good form and you should be fine :slight_smile:
good luck !!
I have some videos in my gallery
check those out

ohh and one more thing
this type of hopping is done seat-in


did you mean hopping well? go to aformentioned site

i think thats what he meant
sidehops are better for precision while rolling hops are better for gaps and height
a rolling sidehop is the highest jump for most people
while SIF(seat in fronf) is better for a few

I used to hop sif with my hand split on the seat post, i have now moved to holding near the back on the seat, i have found it helps a lot


im just learning sif but im bashing my thighs up any tips?