Hopping, forwards?

Hey, i can do a rolling hop of about 3 feet, all i need is practice to make them longer, and i can do sidehops pretty good. this is all seat in stuff. i am having trouble hopping forwards off objects however. is there a technique to hopping forwards? like put more pressure on the front pedal or something like that? i just cant seem to get them, the wheel always slips out in various directions.


I am having troubles this way too. When I am side hopping, or using about a 45 degree angle, I can cover 6 to 7 feet gapping, and rolling hop distance I havent even measured yet, but, I can just have the tire straight forwards, and hop like I can other directions.

My two friends, Noah and Phil, are great at hopping forwards, so next time I am doing some natural trials with them, I will watch and ask about it, then Ill come back with what I learned. =p

I just jump really high with a wee bit more pressure on my front foot and kind of pull the seat out in front then tuck it back in in the air. Its not that hard.

If you can sidehop any distance you know you’ll have to fall to the side a bit before you jump to get that distance. The same technique applies to the forward hop. Don’t worry so much about pedal positioning, just keep equal pressure on both pedals.

Just fall forwards a bit and hop… tuck your body and pull the wheel up and forward as if you were doing a rolling hop (although not a really high rolling hop). The landing should take care of itself if you’ve tucked properly. If you don’t tuck, the wheel will be behind you when you land and you’ll eat some dirt. Aim to have the wheel slightly in front of you when you land.

Good luck!