Hopping down stairs?

I’ve been practicing hopping sideways off curbs on my 24", but I need some tips on how to hop down stairs without my pedals catching on the step, or overshooting it. Any tips?

Learn to judge how much force is required to hop the distance you want to hop. i.e. just practice more.

i have trouble with smaller steps because there is more room for error.dont do prehops unless you have to is my advice. it ends quicker. and always skip the last step or two!

start will smaller sets and move up. and don’t just sidehop down, turn 90 degrees when you land and roll out(or just do a rolling hop down). landing sideways is bad for your rim and also looks stupid

he means a staircase; you have to be sideways. unless they are very wide stairs

Start sideways. Hop and twist 90degrees so you are able to roll out from the hop, thus saving your rim from any damage as any pressure is spread evenly around the rim. :wink:

Guys I’m pretty sure he means hopping down big sets one step at a time. In which case, just stay parrallel with the steps and practice lots. I’m not sure how you’re hitting the pedal on the step, I rarely do that and only have a 20".

i sometimes hit the steps, it happens when the staeps arent very wide and the steps are tall.

Yeah but to hit on a 24 the steps would have to be a foot tall at least, which is like twice the normal step height (I think).

on a 20" you can hit the steps if they are 8" or up. it would be 10", but the pedals may not be perfectly horizontal