Hopping curbs

I am trying to improve my curb/stair hopping skills. I’ve managed to hop up a 5"
curb a few times during one “curb ramming session”. No, I haven’t heard the
thunk of the rim yet… nothing but tire so far.

I approach the curb at a moderate rate, then right as the tire makes contact
with the curb I jump while pulling on the front and back of my seat. Do I need
to work on hopping in place more and try to increase my height? It seems like it
should be easier and less painful(crunch).

Any thoughts? Oh yeah my uni is a 24" miyata.

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Re: Hopping curbs

Terry writes:
>One way to practice this sort of jumping is just to ride along and hop over a
>line on the ground (or even do it with no line). When your pedals get level,
>the back one stops you and you pop up. I only hold

Could you explain this a bit more? I don’t think I quite understand the
last bit…

Re: Hopping curbs

well you have to jump. i guess i should have said that. as you ride, you get to
the point where the pedals are level, then you use the back one to stop them and
at the same time you jump up like a normal bunny hop. with practice it gets
smoother so you don’t really seem to stop and the jump takes you forward. it is
pretty easy to learn to do this and get the jumps as high as a curb. the timing
is the main problem (or was for me).