hopping consistancy

this is mainly for ryan, kris, benps, joey, jeff, and all you big jumpers out there…

what kind of consistancy do you guys get on your high hops? and how does lowering the height affect this?

For example,

I can hop 73-74cm maybe 7% or 8%
69cm maybe 33%
66cm maybe 66%
63cm and under almost 100%

also, how precise? meaning on how small a landing platform can you jump onto and stay on most of the time?

me: 73cm about a 50cm wide platform
69cm about a 40cm wide platform
66cm about a 35 cm wide platform
63cm and under about a 25-30cm wide platform


I’m no Ben Plotkin-Swing, but:
I find I’m 75-100% consistent on all hops at 64 cm, depending on the day and space for prehop (sans the prehop and that consistency drops to about 50-60%). Past that, it depends on location. I have all hops up to 62 cm consistent in the 90% ranges. I find that when going above 64 cm, I have a bad consistency of about 5-15%.

As for takeoff and landing area, that depends. On hops up to 60cm, I find that I really don’t need more than a 4x6 landing area in observation, but mentally I find I need at least a 6x8 landing surface. As for takeoff, the takeoff point can be as skinny for me a 3", but it has to be at least 6" long on the axis parallel to the obstacle, because of my forward-backward inaccuracy in my setups. Once I get to about 64cm, I find I need about a 9x9" takeoff on a good day, and a 12x14" landing, just for my mental security, even if I only use about an 8x9" area.

On jumps off extremely skinny stuff, my accuracy and consistency are bad. I max out at about 14" (25% consistency at best) on a good day when going off the thin edge of a 2x4, partially because of my lateral inaccuracies causing me to not know where the preloaded tire is going to send me, along with the fact that I’ve been running a very low tire pressure lately (18psi on a 19x2.5). When doing a hop I can raise my consistency slightly by angling my tire relative to the 2x4 a bit, but evern then I need a large landing area and my consistency still doesn’t break 30% on hops over 12". I need to work on it.

As for gaps, I find I can gap 1m to a 2x4 and immediately go another 1m to a 12x18" object with a high consistency, but when I fall, I fall hard. I find my lack of front-back accuracy hurts me when I try to gap over 3’ to an 8x18" object, which is what I practice on.

As for crankgrabs, my stats are awful. I can’t pedalgrab to rubber, and I’m very shakey on crankgrabs. I find I need at least a 12x12 area to go to rubber on a crank grab, although I can pedalgrab a 30" object with as little as a 6x6 top on it. But then, I immediately go back down. Not to jack a thread, but does anyone have any miracle advice for pedalgrabs? I can’t do them. If you wish to know, i hop with the exact same orientation as Kris (I think). I prefer to jump to the left, I have my right foot back, and I hold with my right hand.

Hope this helps with whatever purpose you had in mind…

P.S. I my opinion, accuracy is much more important than height. I’d much rather be able to jump 22" 100% of the time onto a 3x3" surface, than be able to do 30" 75% of the time onto a 2’x2’ surface, mainly because most trials lines are hard because of accuracy, not size of the moves.

wow, very thorough answer! i dont have that much to practice on so my skills are not very specialized (i do my hopping onto a brick wall from a sidewalk). but i am practicing every day to get more consistant and more precise.

pedal grabs. i do it the other way from you. i jump left, but with the left foot back. what i do is after my pedal is on the object, i tilt the cranks up so that the open crank (right for me) is at about a 45 degree angle (the planted pedal is lower). then i bend my left leg a little and launch up and in midair put my weight on the front pedal so the cranks even out. because of the 45 degree angle, i only have to hop maybe 4-5 inches to go to rubber, so its easy. now i can get it about 100% on a good surface, but i need a 20cm wide area to land on if i wanna stay up. when i was going crank to rubber, i could land on a 4 inch wide platform. the hint is just to go for it. nce you try 5 or 6 times you’ll get it. but if you wanna swing it, which will make it easier but less precise:

1-bend your planted leg
2-swing the wheel up, with your other foot hanging a little higher than the planted foot in the air.
3- as soon as the pedal makes contact with the foot jump with the planted leg
4-land it

I’m not all that specialized, ethier. I do all my basic hopping practice on a set of 3 boxes (2x2x2’, 20"x20x20", 25"Hx2’Wx2.5’L) bolted together and some 2" risers. The scariest part is doing over 2’ hops knowing if I biff to hard forward I’ll hit someone’s car and owe them more money than I’ve ever spent on unicycling. I like the wood though, because it’s much more forgiving to my parts. I shattered my last pair of trials pedals missing a jump and landing hard on the casing. The bearings fell out, and I rode 3 blocks 1f to the next set of obstacles because the night was young. When I got home ther were a whopping 3 balls left in one side of the bearings, the dust cap had fallen out, and the other side the bearing race had fallen out and I was just riding casing on spindle. I still haven’t replaced the pedals with an adaquate new set, I’m using the stick k70 pedals that came with my onza. You’d think that with molded aluminum pins, they wouldn’t be destroyed, but I’ve sheared about half of them off already. They suck.

the ones that come with the onza have HUGE pins, im not surprised they have broken. i put those on my muni and got some eastern platforms for the trials. I have broken almost half the pins. so how are you liking your onza (this thread has now become a chat room for gerble and me)?

when i went to practice today, i noticed a HUGE increase in my consistancy.

i got the 73cm hop about 25% and the 69cm one about 66%. i guess the best way to practice is to hop on something a little smaller than your highest and do it over and over and over. i also worked on hopping immediately from the landing of the hop. i was getting about 4.5 feet uphill on the second hop.

I didn’t get around to doing any large hop practice today, although I rolling hopped over a 21" tall trash bag on the way home. I also tried to start out 6’ away from an 18" concrete ledge, and tried to go directly up the ledge in only 2 hops (a gap and an up, no hops between). I landed it 10 times, and never fell.

C’mon, am i the only one who knows about their hoppping problems and patterns? You don’t have to be anywhere near the best, just say what you’ve noticed when you hop.

yeah!! tell 'em gerble!!

I am not a huge hopper, My record is 76 cm onto pallets. I usually practice around 70 cm. I can do 70 cm around 60% of the time.
I totally bite at doing rolling hops. I can only do about a 56 cm rolling hop. I thought of a technique for getting a little more height on seat out hops, here it is:

 Lets say you hop to the left, left pedal back and right hand holding the seat (out) this is the way I hop. scoot back a couple of feet from the object (depending on its height) do your pre-hop, and when you take off, and you are about to reach the height of your hop tilt your uni to the side (since it is a side hop)   I hop to the left, so I tilt my uni to the right, this is not a big tilt. just enough to bring your wheel up and and forward, you momentum will bring you upright when you land on the object.

Its hard to explain. I hope you sort of understand what I am saying.


Sabin, do you mean tilt the uni like Kris is in this picture?

If he were hopping onto something on his left, and our right?
With a 20" you can tilt it and tuck it in more, but I’m just making sure I know what you are talking about.


I wasnt able to access the link but I think I know what you are talking about.


i had a lot of progress today. i landed my highest hop ever (75cm). i landed a 73cm hop 3 times in a row. i landed a 69cm hop 8 times in a row :smiley: . i still hop without a prehop. my goal is to be able to hop 30 or 31" before implementing it. doing this should put me near 3 feet. hopefully i’ll get the 30" in 3 weeks (my 1 year uni anniversary). i’ll keep updating.

sabin, it seems to me you are a high hopper. i dont think ten people on this forum can get 76m. maybe not even 5. i agree with your tips though, except that you have to be careful about tilting the wheel, because if you tilt too much you fall back the direction you hopped from (off the obstacle which is no fun especially at 2.5 feet).

This link should get you to that photo.

If that doesn’t work go to this gallery and click on the Wangdi Bhutan picture.

That picture shows exactly what I am talking about.

muniracer, I see what you mean about leaning too far back. Only tilt the uni a little bit.


I agree with Sabin. Today I landed 3 69cm hops, and I landed a 64cm hop without a prehop 10 times in a row. I also landed a 33cm hop off the thin edge of a 2x4 out of a 3’ gap 10 times in a row. I found jumping to and off the 2x4 harder and more fun than doing the 69cm hop. I’m starting to feel likt a prehop doesn’t really add that much to my height. Also, muniracer, don’t count on using a prehop to add more than about 2" to your height.

Also: Zack: I know he’s landed 81cm
M_extreme_uni: over 1m
danger_uni: over 1m
There’s 5 people on this forum who’ve broken 76cm. I’m pretty sure Ben Plotkin-Swing has also done it, along with Jeff Groves and Joey Cohen. I’ve maxed out at 71cm. I’m more consistent around 65-68cm.

gerble, in an earlier thread (pretty old) ryan said a prehop can add 10-15cm when you are jumping almost 30 inches without the prehop, which is where i came up with that number.

today’s practice was not too succesful. i was hitting the 69 pretty much every time, and a 71 about 1/2 and the 73 about 1/4. i couldnt land the 75 again, mostly because i sliced a huge chunk out of my right ankle and i hurt the arch on my left foot trying to land a high rolling hop (for me) with only room for 1 pedal rotation. it hurt.

i can get 28" i dont know how many cm that is.



 28" is 71cm. Most of my hops 60cm and up are done with pre hops.

Do you have a screen name for AOL? we should talk some uni

My screen name is: uni trials rider


Neither do I without my metric tape measure or online conversion.