hopping breakthrough!

Hurray! My friend and I have been doin trials for a while now, especially working on hopping. We theorized that whatever distance we could sidehop while just standing on the ground, could possibly be achieved while on a unicycle. We brought out the tape measurer, and chalked lines at each foot mark. We drew out 7 feet exactly, and left the tape measurer behind the lines, to pinpoint distance. We were both able to sidehop w/o the unicycle about 6.5 ft. So, we got on the unicycle, and tried to see how far we could side hop. After a few times of landing at 4 feet, I must have gained confidence or something, and landed two jumps at 5 feet almost exactly! I couldn’t believe the difference, but now, gaps that seemed difficult before, are all of a sudden easy, and we have been gapping 4 and a half foot distances like nothing. Has anybody else had sudden hopping distance breakthroughs? We were both very pleased, and I think I will be able to reach 5.5 feet in a short amount of time. Just as before, our seats were completely underneath us. I hope to get a few pictures of this on the web soon. We already have video of it, but can’t upload to a computer to show :(. Thanks for your help to everyone who posted ideas on hopping in previous threads! So much more is now possible for me!