hopping and tire pressure

— Olivier Paugam <opaugam@aptilon.com> wrote:
> Yesterday I was watching Universe & your hops (I assume with a DMATU +
> kenda 26x2.6). Just a quick question : were you riding at low tyre
> pressure ?
> This week end I tried some higher hops while muniing and I still got big
> trouble with my pashley 26x2.6 I can’t seem to be able to squeeze the
> tyre enough to get a good action/reaction.

Generally I run low pressure for MUni ahd higher pressure for trials.

My opinion is that for hopping the best tire pressure is the highest
pressure where you can still get some “snap” out of the tire. With
practice you can run quite high pressure and still get good bounce out of
the tire, plus the harder tire is less likely to fold or bottom-out. A
good analogy might be a tennis player who can hit balls at higher speed
with a tightly strung tennis racket, as long as they are able to hit it
hard in the first place.



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