Hopping and riding sif

So, yesterday I finally got it. I was riding with sit in front.
Now, a question for the pros here: When you ride or hop with sit out, does the sit touch your thighs or is it out all the way?

It’s best to learn to have it far away so that you don’t have to use your thighs.

Just keep it up and naturally you’ll be able to hold it anywhere.

In the learning/beginning process of SIF. Because your not fully into it yet, you hold the seat really close, and touching your thighs in a lot of cases.

You can get a rash, bruises, and even wear a hole through your pants where the seat rubs at. I luckily never got the rash. =p

It goes away in time though, cause after a while you’ll get used to SIF, and be able to hold the saddle way out from you. =p

Can’t wait for that XD

Ryan atkins has a good tutorial on this. But this is one of those things you should really use the search function on.