**Hopping And Other Tricks**

as you can probably tell im pretty new. i can ride pretty well but i cant really do all that much. can someone tell me any tips on riding with the stomach on the seat (which i have been working on)? or hopping high, or how to do hickflips and crankflips? or you could suggest any other trick that might be cool. i mean i may be new at this but as long as i know how to do it i am pretty sure that after i while and many tries i can do them so please help me! if you dont want to tell me how then could you please tell me where i might be able to find out how to do them (websites etc.) thanks so much!:slight_smile:

well, I mainy do light trail and on-street riding, so I dont do much otehr than ride straight, turn, hop, and contort myself in odd ways, but I can give a tip on riding with the stomach on the seat. just pretend like you are leaning forward on a fast bike ridewith imaginary handlebars. The seatpost will move from a position like | to one like \ because it has to move out cuz your hands are forward. if you ride around like this you can sldie the seat slowly out from between your legs and onto your stomach. (btw, leaning down, seat still between legs is a great position from going fast, what with reduced air resistance.)

for hopping, just stand up and make sure the pedals are horizontal and just start jumping like a pogo stick.
After that try 180 unispins, there are plenty of vids out there on how to do them.

Wheel walking and riding backwards look cool too, and wheel walking is a step in learning to glide.

ok thanks you guys

any others?

There are many, many others, already posted in this forum. Dozens of threads just like this one. You just need to search for them. Try searching for “beginner tricks” or “new tricks” or “trick list” or… use your imagination…

ok thanks