right now i can hop but only about a inch and a half any advice that might help me hop higher??

EDIT: thread name: Hopping

first I would recomend searching before making another thread. and if you found the exact same thread or 20 then don’t make another one. and then I would recomend practice.

Sorry I can’t help you. I stink at hopping. In fact, I also take a “p” out of hopping, which leaves me hoping I can someday hop higher.

practice. It just takes practice. When i first learned, it took a while and the first few time i tried to go realy high, i would fall but one day it just clicked for me. Just keep working at it and you will get it

Find something to hop onto or over, a low curb is great for starters. I have never been very good at hopping then started trying to hop onto the dividers in parking lots. I surprised myself by being able to hop right over one. Landing on them and keeping your balance is I found a set of shallow stairs and made a goal to be able to hop up those. After about twenty minutes i could hop up the stairs but i still cant do it consistently.

Just practicing hopping would help but if you set goals like “I want to hop up that easy looking 4 set” then you have an attainable goal that you can look forward to achieving instead of just bouncing for no particular reason.

Also i found I can hop higher with a lower seat and if I don’t pre-hop so much

And let some air out of your tire to make it more bouncy.

yea thats it. Low curb than stairs. once you can hop up one stair just keep practicing, soon enough you will be able to go up and down stairs all day.
stairs are very very good practice. One at a time, two three four. plus you can work on yer dropps bailing of the set

learning to hop high takes time, let it happen as it wants, jump up things when you can, it will come with time. you will get it. bend at the waist, and use your waist to pull you upwards. maybe even jump off the uni as high as you can a few times, then jump the same way, but keep the uni under you. Tell us if any of that helps dramatically, that helped me jump like 6" higher in a week … from 20-26" though … thats all I can come up w/ at the moment. good luck.

First learn to hop properly. When you can hop 200 times easily you can start learning higher hops. Like jumping to curb, then jumping stairs, then picnic tables and stuff.

start hopping onto small things, then try bigger things, sooo many people on this website fail to realyze that 100% of things are achieved through practice rather than advice over the internet, so this is a note for everybody, if you are trying to learn something get on the net and watch a video of someone doing it then go out and do what they were doing, and if at first you fail dont come crying to us, just try again and keep trying untill you get it and if you can tell it is way out of your league then try something less intense… and then practice and practice and practice again…

sorry if i hurt any feelings but this world is becoming dumber as we type and it is because people are not thinking for themselves anymore, they just ask for help all the time…it is becoming quite ridiculous

well thats my rave for the week, although you must notice i always have valid points

push with alot of power with legs and then pulll legs and uni up.