QUAGLIA Philippe <philippe.quaglia@aero.jussieu.fr> writes:
> I tried to hope in order to cimb up a step, but i always fail. I don’t
> understand how the Uni is supposed to follow me during the jump. Should
> I cath the seat during the jump ?

  Yes, I just hold under the front of the seat momentarily, no need to
 get a firm grip - you can just grip with your thighs, but I find that
 is a bit painful (maybe practice will make it less so, it mostly rubs)

> If someone can give me the key of hoping in few words, I will be
> gratefull.
> Althrough my level is still poor (level 2 perhabs, I’m just begining to
> ridebackward ) I practise as soon as possible of road, and that’s very
> nice. Climbing down strong slope on a wet grass is a strong experience
> (of falls). And my problem is still hoping little obstacle.
> Sorry for my English (but I avoid “trick”)

  tee hee, your english is quite good - but hope is like 'esprer' and
  hop is like 'sauter cloche-pied' so it was kind of funny to read ;-)

Hoping (esprer) is also a good idea though…