hoping on the spot

iv just started to get the hang of my uni, iv only had it for about 4 weeks so im still in the learning stage, i was just wondering when you bunny hop how is the best way to learn. iv given it a little go but cant manage more than 2 or 3 hops. how long would you expect it to take some one to learn how to be able to do it???

When i first started i only did 1 hop a time, then when i was comfortable with that, i started doing more :smiley:

depends on your learning curve. i learned how to ride in a single night and learned how to mount and hop the next day. so if you are younger (teens) you should learn quickly

what sort of tyre pressure should i have my tyre’s on for learning to hop?

I learned in one night, took my sister over a month. You just keep on hopping, the main thing is sticking to it. You will cross over a line all over a sudden (Not literally (-_-)) and suddenly start doing 20 then 30 then 70 so on.


I would practice hopping up a curb. that way you can start geting used to jumping distances, start learning how to jump higher , and learn how to jump more fluently all at once. Still a baby step in the end but a good one to take.
also be sure to practice jumping both to your right and to your left. Like 5 hops to the left then 5 to the right.

^^ good advice on going to the left and right. im also in the learning process (but aren’t we all still learning ? lol) I’v just started to get comfortable with hops. i found that holding onto something with the hand you dont hold your seat with helped me start. but dont do that for too long or you will get too used to doing it.
another tip that i figured out is to bend your legs a bit wen you land to absorb the shock. this helps if you are about to try jumping onto a curb etc. it lets you kind of sit there for a little bit before you have to hop again.

once you get used to shifting your weight forward,back,side to side you will be able to hop for longer than 2 or 3. a couple of weeks ago i could only do 2 or 3 myself. now i can do just about as many as i want/need.

keep PRACTICING and i promise you will pick it up pretty fast mate.
good luck…

I learnt to hop last weekend, but I kind of cheated…

I stopped the wheel rotating by strapping the wheel to the frame using cycle clip straps, effectively making it a pogo stick, that way I didn’t have to worry about falling off backwards/forwards and just concentrate on standing up and hopping.
Once I got the hang of hopping on the spot, about an hour, I unstrapped the wheel free mounted and away I went:D :smiley:

Cheating: not big, not clever, but great fun:)


:stuck_out_tongue: haha thats actually not a bad idea mate. its not really cheating anyway beacause you arent competing. its increasing your chances of learning and helping you if ur having trouble. like using a foam pit to learn backflips (on a dirtbike/ or bmx.)lol