hoping help

hi my name is evan byrne i am 13.
i have been riding for 5 months.
i nead help on how to increace hopping hight.
i can hop with the seat in front fine but i would like to hop about 30 inches high.
should i change tire presure or practice pre hop more?

ps i can hop 25"

I dont know how i can help you,i can only rolling hop 18 inches :roll_eyes:

I cant sif hop very well yet,im working on it.

you should lower tire pressure for prehop,Abuot 35 psi’s(?)or so.

35 seems like a lot to me. I have mine set at 24ish. But I’m not very good, I can only do about 20 inch hops…

thats why i said…

Wow, funny, 24 seems kinda high for me, too. I ride about 20-23. I can do about 31.5", but I don’t think that’s really at all related to my tire pressure. You should use whatever feels good and works. Sometimes what feels good for high hops is horrible for stuff like rail gaps and stuff that’s precise, so often lots of riders will sacrifice an inch or two of height for a better performance in the precise lines. Often you get used to whatever you use. Still, though, unless you don’t like your tire pressure, it’s fine for you.

As for whether you want to really want to increase your hopping height, 25" sconsistantly with no prehop is plenty for almost all trials. Over that, most riders just pedalgrab, even if they can air that high (you’ll never see Kris Holm or Ryan Atkins air onto a 34" 6x8 post. They can hop that heigh, but it’s just easier, safer, and more surefire to pedalgrab). In a precise situation, often about 26-27" is at or beyond the edge of my comfort envelope for going rubber-to-rubber hops.

I think the best thing is to simply practice hopping, and maybe do a bit of prehop practice. I incresed my record by about 1.5" with a prehop, and 1.5-2" without in one day simply by practicing prehops. I figure you’re doing phenominally as it is, though. I was riding for over 2 years before I landed my first 20" hop, and I landed my first measured 24" hop only the day before my 15th b-day. Just practice, since you’re still in the range where an improved technique will get better results. You’ll notice eventually that past a certain height your strength is a bigger limiting factor than techniue, but you’re not there yet. Riders like Ryan Atkins are pretty much at the point where they can hop as high, if not higher on a unicycle than they can on their feet. When you reach that you know it’s time to start building more muscle. For most riders that comes somewhere around 30".

Just remember, there’s no substitute for practice. You can get the best tips there are on hopping and ride a 10lb unicycle, but it still won’t add more height to you hop than a good week or two of practice (not to say that you’ll gain 5" of height in 1-2 weeks. It took me about 7 months of on-off practice to get from 24" to 31.5", with progress coming in fits and starts).

Are you guys comparing tire pressure without talking about how much you weigh, or what your tire width is? Sheesh.

For advice on improving technique that already sounds pretty good, upload some video clips if you can.

i have a kh 20

and tire psi is arownd 15

if that helps

I think 15 is definitely too low, you shouldn’t ever go under 20.

Wow, unless you weigh around 70 or 80 lbs, you definitely need to raise your tire pressure. Basically, if you can bottom out your rim while hopping, the pressure is too low.

well i way 90-100 depending when i have my trials in servise

my gauge might be wrong though

anybody got any thing on uw’s?