hoping and landing

how do r u soppused to hop like left foot down or roght foot down or in the middle with both feet and do you and the same way to :thinking: and when u like hop onto a bench r u supposed to stall with ur pedal or crank or does it matter

short answer: it doesn’t matter… if you can make it work, then do it.

there may be some ways that are easier for most (hopping with your cranks horizontal to the ground seems easiest to me) but that might not apply to you. you can try “our” way just to make sure, but you don’t have to keep doing it that way.

when i started stalling, i just happened to land on my crank. later on i began landing on my pedal 'cause it gave me more ways to get out of my stall / grind. but both ways worked. and i could go to rubber both ways, too.

if you want some tips on what’s easiest, then ask about it, but as for what you’re “supposed” to do… there’s no one way to go.

Most unicyclists (okay, ALL unicyclists) hop with the pedals in a horizontal position. Wether your left or right foot is forward doesn’t matter, it’s your personal preference.

See picture. This would be the hoping/landing postion.


In answer to your"Does it matter?" question, no it doesnt. There is however one exception, if you have the old style KH cranks that arent denubbed then you can pinch the nub and that makes it hard to get the bolt out,thats what happened to me. So just be carefull.

If you’re going to tell someone to be careful, you have to tell them what not to do, and why. I’ve got no clue what you’re talking about here… care to explain more?

OK sorry. When i went to pedal grab onto a ledge(it was concrete not wood, but you will eventually do concrete ledges im sure) I went a bit to far and crushed the nub on my Gen. 1 KH crank. I was just saying to be careful not to over estimate the hieght or distance or you could run into some troubles.

The attached pic isnt very good but it shows where i pinched the nub, making it a b*tch to get the bolt out. I had to bend the nub back out so i could wind the bolt out.


<EDIT> OF course getting the cranks Denubbed would be a good way to avoid all of this if you have these particular cranks.

khcrank.bmp (70.2 KB)