hopeless unispin thread

so I’ve got 180 jump mounts down. (DISCLAIMER! I HAVE SEARCHED FOR THIS TIP ON MANY THREADS COULD NOT FIND IT) I am having trouble flicking my legs out while attempting 180 unispin. do I just spin the un i, or is the unicycle in the air while I jump? ( do I just jump and pivot uni underneath me, or do I spin it in the air?)

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EDIT: To answer you question, you probably want to make your uni quit the ground, because you will have a hard time keeping it on the ground for bigger unispins but if it’s easier for you to let it on the ground, than, do so. Also, just jump as high as you can, spin as fast as you can, spread your legs outwards the most you can and last but not least stay over the uni the whole time (and spot the cranks/pedals to land).

EDIT 2: Yes, they are all different thread up there, not just the same link many time.

I won’t be giving you unispin advice, but maybe others can offer advice if you post a video of what you’re current doing?

Are you on a 20 or 24?

If your on a 24, get a 20.

You can always try learning a 90 unispin up onto the tire first, it will get you used to hopping up and spinning the uni, it’s fairly easy and will aslo give you a sense of accoplishment before you go for the 180.


Just spend some time working on your no footers until you can get your feet out, also a fairly easy manuver, and fairly useful down the road.