Hopefull's Circus School Audition

as i recall from this thread , hopefull’s circus school audition is on sunday

i realise that, after preparing for this for so long, luck has nothing to do with it
so allow me to wish u ‘Good Skill!’


May the best performance of your life be on Sunday.

Is it appropriate to say to a unicycle performer “Break a leg?” If not, I never said it.

Best of lucks, i’m sure you’ll make it

can’t wait for you to be an official poutine eating montreal!
because you will get in…no doubt about it…

Thanks! you guys are great! My audition is actually on Tuesday and Wednesday, so keep beaming those good-balance thoughts my way.

murde, I’ll be in montreal on monday thru saturday, so maybe I will get to have a poutine this time…

The forcasted high, i think, is -4 farenheit :frowning: I’ve never been that cold in my life.

I will certainly make sure to let all of you know how it went on Wednesday!


edit: I’m surprised that someone actually remembered (let alone someone in Johannesburg, south africa) we really are the unicyclist community

good luck chappy i am hopeful that you get in!

Hopeful, it’s actually quite warm here. Only -4c…(I’m not being sarcastic…)

Well if you have the best performance of your life on Sunday, remember everything about it. The way you felt, the smell in the air, the music etc… and do that again on Tuesday and Wednesday.:smiley:

-4 Farenheit? It is cold here, and it is like 45 Farenheit. I hate the cold, that is why I will never move back to MN as much as I love it there.

good luck,

even if it wasn’t for circus school, montreal is a great place to be.
can’t wait to get back.

good luck!
buenos suerte! (spanish i think)

hope it goes amazinly brilliantly woonderuflly good

show em what you’re made of !

:slight_smile: good luck

ergh… butterflies+stomach+a cold+2 more days= :frowning:

thanks for all the good tidings!

Break a leg is cool, from what I’ve heard the original meaning goes back to when stages actually were supported by “legs” After big shows when the audience was applauding and in an uproar over a good show the stage would tend to bounce arround a little bit. Break a leg comes from when the stage would shake so much one of the legs would give way and break.

If I’m wrong on this and there is another meaning behind break a leg please let me know. Its allways been an interesting phrase to me.


It will be fine just show them who you are and enjoy yourself


chex, thanks for that etymology. I’ve often wondered about that one myself. Trev, thanks for your vote of confidence (your hand-balancing pics beat the crap out of mine…)

-1 days

I learnt the handstand at college and i still havent got it solid. :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:


Re: Hopefull’s Circus School Audition

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 02:10:28 -0600, Checkernuts
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>If I’m wrong on this and there is another meaning behind break a leg
>please let me know. Its allways been an interesting phrase to me.

I was thinking of the phrase “Hals- und Beinbruch” that the Austrians
(I think) are using to say “good luck” to someone who goes on a hiking
trip in the mountains. It means “breaking of neck and leg” and I have
no idea why that would be a good wish. Nor have I any idea about its

Hopeful, I wish you good luck, and may you not break anything!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

quite often with trying to source the origin of this kind of expression, there is no right or wrong
there seems to be a bunch of possible origins
i’ve found some interesting articles giving a variety of different options .

have fun

it seems that some concensus exists suggesting it should not be used outside the theatre
i think

It’s over!!! Finally, after a year of preparation, my audition is over (and I’m really sore) (and my nerves are shot to pieces). Thanks to everyone who was thinking about me and hoping that I would have a good audition.

It was okay… I could have been better, but I sure could have been a LOT worse than I was.


good stuff Matt, you make us Carolina unifreaks proud!! :smiley:

when will u know?