Hop, twist, help!

IUF skill level 5 requires;

hop-twist 90 degrees to the left

hop-twist 90 degrees to the right

I’ve searched the web and these forums, but can’t get a clear description of what a hop twist is. Is it;

  • hopping once, twisting 90 degrees while in the air
  • hopping repeatedly, left, right, left, right, etc
  • hopping repeatedly, left, left, left
  • none of the above

Hopping just once seems too easy. Hopping repeatedly seems kind of silly. Help!

I believe its just once. With trials gaining popularity a lot of the skills on there are very easy. Mostly all the hopping ones. I can boast of the level 7 skill of a 180 hop twist, but can’t ride one footed in a figure 8, a level 5 skill.

Oops, I almost forgot…are you allowed to hold onto the seat?

You better be. I don’t see why not.

yeah i second that

180 unispins are a doddle but any of the other level 10 skills well, i cant even manage some of the level 3 riding skills like stomach on saddle! ha

do ppl find it hard to hop without hands? maybe im a better unicylist than i thought, ive nearly nailed a 360 hop a few times no handed, and i can do small (as in not that high, 1 - 2’) crank grabs no handed.

I hope u don’t mean 180 hop twist literally LOL cause then Id say Ur full of SHnIT. hop, then twist 180 and pull back 180 in air to land in the position started. MY ARSS! that would be a sight to see. :astonished:

I would consider a 2 foot jump to be a large jump… Did you mean 2 inches? I can only twist about 180’. Haven’t worked on it too much though.

lol… no i’d meant the height of the wall, i remember it being not that high, yeah a hop 2’ high would be big,

i thought that ‘hop - twist’ meant to turn by means of hopping or twisting or both, by x number of degrees in that stated direction.
in response to the original post, my take on the whole thing is that you have to be required to turn 180 to the left or right on the spot.

yeah Trials has really changed the way we learn things like I can coast a few feet but not uni spin or 1 ft with my left foot I think many people learn to glide because it’s just sooo cool looking!!

The Standard Skills section of the IUF rulebook gives an explanation of some skills.

Twisting: Staying in place twisting the unicycle left and right around a vertical axis.
For Standard Skills the twisting figures require a minimum of 5 consecutive cycles (side to side motions) must be executed.

Hoptwist: Bouncing with the unicycle and turning around a vertical axis over a) 90, b) 180 and c) 360 degrees in one jump. In d), e) and f) with hands free.

So a 90 degree hoptwist means that you jump up, turn the unicycle and your body 90 degrees while in the air, and land facing 90 degrees from the direction you started. You can do it holding the seat or hands free. In a Standard Skill competition doing it hands free will get you more points.