hop records

What is the record for the highest side hop over a bar
what is the record for the longest jump
and what is the highest side hop onto an object
I’ve heard a bunch of answers for each, also, who holds each record


i’ve done a side hop onto a wall 42 inches high.

i’ve rolling hopped a gap just shy of 250cm

Real records need to happen under controlled conditions. But these limits are being pushed on a regular basis, so numbers like Zack’s 42" should be believed, in as far as you trust his measuring abilities. If he didn’t actually jump 42" that time, he’ll do better next month anyway!

We do the “High Jump” over a bar and the “Long Jump” at international competitions, but I don’t know the best results from those offhand. The high jump record will always be quite a bit lower than a jump up to a solid surface, as you have to clear the bar without knocking it down, and ride away after landing.

Rules for the Long Jump have varied over the years, and are only now being officially added to the IUF Rulebook. That event and the High Jump were never in there before. See the new rules here:

There was some disagreement on a few of the details, but we can make changes as we try these new rules out.

Historical: The High Jump was first tried at the 1995 National Unicycle Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio. Obviously, the vast majority of contestants used normal street unicycles as MUnis and Trials unicycles basically didn’t exist yet. The first Long Jump competition was at the 1999 National Unicycle Convention in North Bend, Washington. Riders had to clear two sticks without touching them.